That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 283

Always Keeping Watch for Him

“But I’m not others,” she said quickly.

“You’ve already found out.”

Josie was flabbergasted.

After a brief silence, Old Mr. Russell put his teacup down. “Fifty percent. She’s swift and decisive when
working and reaches her goals by any means necessary. She’s trustworthy at work, but don’t trust her
too much for personal matters.”

Josie was silent. She didn’t understand at all. No matter what, Dexter was Xanthe’s flesh and blood.
They were mother and son. How could she not love him?

“Jo, you’re the only person Dex can trust right now. You should never hold him back.”

Josie nodded. “I understand.”

After she went home, she immediately contacted Mrs. Langman, asking her out for afternoon tea.

“I only found out after going home that Mr. Langman’s social engagement yesterday was related to
Russell Group. Therefore, Dexter told me I must entertain you well, Mrs. Langman. It was my
oversight.” Josie flattered her.

“Russell Group?” Mrs. Langman was perplexed.

“Yes. Don’t you know? Ms. Quorn works with Russell Group. We’re preparing for e-commerce in the
spring.” Josie handed Mrs. Langman a document. It was left behind from when she previously
researched. with Wyatt.

Mrs. Langman didn’t understand. She believed Josie after skimming the document. “I see. What a

“That’s right,” Josie said with a smile, “however… I asked you out today because I have something
important to ask of you.”

She pretended to feel awkward, and it piqued Mrs. Langman’s curiosity. “What is it?

“I don’t like to gossip, but Ms. Quorn from yesterday is different in private. I feel like I had to warn you.
Mrs. Langman.”

Mrs. Langman was astonished when she heard it. “She’s different in private? What does that mean?
From what I saw, she was guarded and carried herself well.”

“Mrs. Langman, we are both women. We know what type of women men like. Was Mr. Langman
praising her to high heaven yesterday?” Josie steered the conversation.

Mrs. Langman thought about it and hit her thigh. “Yes, he did.”

“Ms. Quorn returned from overseas and is very well sought after.” Josie handed her an envelope. In it
were photographs Moses had collected of Xanthe with men on various occasions.

Always Keeping Watch for Him

Xanthe didn’t overstep any boundaries, but it was easy to be suspicious when the pictures were put

Just as Josie had expected, Mrs. Langman was astonished. “Tsk, what am I going to do? She asked
my husband out for a gathering tomorrow at Mandarin Oriental.”

Josie understood. “Oh? Mandarin Oriental? I think there’s no harm in him going. I don’t think anything
will happen in public.”

But Mrs. Langman refused. “No way. I must go with him. I’m worried!”

Josie didn’t move. She sipped her tea and didn’t say anything.

Mrs. Langman grabbed Josie’s hand. “Mrs. Russell, Mandarin Oriental is Dexter’s territory. Why don’t
you come with me?”

Josie initially had a doubtful expression but agreed in a split second. She nodded cheerfully. “Alright. I’ll
go with you, Mrs. Langman.”

At night, Dexter video-called Josie. “The person in charge at Mandarin Oriental said you have an
appointment tomorrow.”

Josie was annoyed. “Why does news spread so quickly? They should call me to confirm since it’s my
appointment. Why did they call you?”

Dexter’s camera shook. It was blurred, but she could still see Dexter’s cold appearance. “Why are you
going there?”

Josie held her head up with one hand and looked indifferent. “Mrs. Langman is amiable. She asked me
to play cards with her and the other wives.”

“You’re going? That doesn’t seem like you.”

Josie was amused. “It’s because of you. They decided to meet in Mandarin Oriental and said it’s your
territory. How could I turn them down as Mrs. Russell?”

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