That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 288

Take the Trends Down


Alice leaned close and saw the photos on Josie’s screen. She sighed heavily behind Josie. “Ah. Mr.
Russell’s gaze. As it turns out, there’s a Mrs. Russell.”

Josie didn’t hear what Alice said. She sighed slightly. Thankfully, she had showered and changed her
clothes at Mason Garden…

She shouldn’t have appeared publicly with that man.

Regardless if it was in the entertainment circle or the business world, anything Dexter did could make
big waves. Although no one knew where the news came from, everyone guessed that the dignified,
affluent man was already married.

As the hashtag #TheGoodLookingRussells trended, Russell Group’s stock prices rose a few points in
succession. Their seemingly stable marriage quickly invoked the trust of stock investors,

This benefitted Russell Group and brought no harm to them.

The secretary felt slightly pained. “Mr. Russell, are we really going to take them down?”

Dexter sat in his office, and his voice was cold. “You’ve made many mistakes today.”

His secretary immediately kept quiet. “I understand.”

She instructed the public relations department to take down all the news online and not respond.

She understood Dexter well enough. He actually didn’t want to take it down. It had nothing to do with
profit. He just didn’t want to hide Josie.

But Josie didn’t want to be exposed. He understood the various reasons. Although Dexter felt reluctant,
he wouldn’t force her. He would do everything according to her wishes.

Arnold, who hadn’t contacted Josie for a long time, initiated a phone call after Russell Group took
down. the trending topics. The first thing he said was, “Did you ask to take down the news?”

Josie found out about this before she got hold of Dexter. She asked, “It’s been taken down?”

Arnold answered, “Mm. Do you know that Dexter and I have been taking turns to short sales recently?
Although we haven’t lost any money, the chain of reactions resulting from today’s news can make him.

Josie was startled when she heard Arnold’s slightly slow voice. She said, “I didn’t ask him to take it

There was brief laughter on the other end. “Alright. I understand.”

As it turned out, Josie was the powerful man’s soft spot.

When everyone online saw that the trend #MrandMrs Russell was disappearing, they discussed it.
‘Russell Group is making their move. It seems like she might not be Mrs. Russell. Perhaps these
photos were just for show?

After ending the call, Arnold stared at the scenery far away and was lost in thought. His mighty figure
looked lonely. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Shortly, a woman’s soft hands climbed onto his shoulders and neck. “What are you thinking of,

The woman was in a white nightgown and had a slim figure. Her wrists were delicate, and she looked
frail and pale.

“You’re awake?” The man’s sharp gaze fell on her gauze-wrapped wrist. His voice was
uncharacteristically gentle.

The woman was startled. She looked down and avoided his gaze. “You blame me.”

Arnold suddenly turned and grabbed her wrists. He pointed at them. “It’s been so many years. Until
when will you degrade yourself? Take a look. Are these a woman’s hands?”

Scars covered her fair and supple arms.

The woman fell on the couch and suddenly shrieked hysterically. “Then what do you want me to do?! If
I didn’t do this, which of you would have been willing to come to see me?! Even your visits have
decreased in these two years. I’m hurting here, Arnold! It hurts!”

She pointed at her heart, and her tears fell like the rain. She looked pitiful.

Arnold shut his eyes. “Must it be him, Sum?”

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