That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 282

Bumping into Mrs Langman

Moses was tired from following her for the past few days, so Josie didn’t turn him down. They went to
eat Japanese food.

After they were full, Josie paid the bill at the cashier while he was in the washroom. She suddenly
heard at voice behind her. “Mrs. Russell?”

Josie wasn’t used to such a greeting. She didn’t realize it was directed at her.

The woman behind her tapped her shoulder. “It’s me.”

Josie was taken aback. She turned and was astonished to see Mrs. Langman, whom she had met at a
gathering. Mrs. Langman was as stout as usual. She smiled and asked Josie, “Why are you here?”

“Mrs. Langman.” Josie thought of how she had been humiliated that day and felt slightly uneasy. “I was
eating with my colleague.”

Mrs. Langman nodded. “Oh. You’re quite free.

She looked like a rich housewife who stayed home and didn’t look very devious.

Josie looked behind Mrs. Langman. “Aren’t you quite free too, Mrs. Langman? Are you eating
Japanese food for lunch?”

Mrs. Langman leaned closer and said. “I’m here with my husband for business. The other party is a
woman, and he said bringing me along would make things easier. Ultimately, they discussed their
business, and I couldn’t join in. I came out for some air but never thought I’d meet you, Mrs. Russell.”

Josie smiled. “Mr. Langman must be tired with his hectic workload.”

“Tired? I think he loves it. That woman is pretty, but she’s older. Otherwise, I would be worried,” Mrs.
Langman said disinterestedly as she glanced at their private room.

Josie frowned. She noticed something, but she didn’t ask further,

After making small talk with Mrs. Langman for a little longer, Moses returned and left with Josie.

Josie stopped after a few steps. “Think of a way and help me find out who the person in Room 405 is.”

She sat on a bench by the road for around fifteen minutes before Moses returned hurriedly. He handed
her a photo. “I tried my best but only managed a picture at this angle.”

The photo was hazy, but Josie recognized the woman.

After glancing at the picture, Josie tore it up and threw it into the trash.

As expected, it was Xanthe.

“Did you hear what they were talking about?”

Moses thought about it. “It’s the same things you and Wyatt discussed a few days ago.”

Bumping into Mrs Langman

He spoke generally, but Josie understood it.

She should have been preparing to enter the domestic market, but Dexter promised to help. Why w
Xanthe still taking such great pains?

Could it be that she didn’t trust her son?

At night, Josie went to Russell Mansion to visit Old Mr. Russell. The old man couldn’t stand the cold, so
he was wrapped in a blanket. Josie made him a cup of hot tea to warm his hands.

Dex has been busy with work recently, so he entrusted me to visit you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Old Mr. Russell shook his head. “Ah, what are you talking about? I don’t want to see him. I’m happier to

see you.”

Josie broke into laughter. “Dex will be sad if he heard it.”

She didn’t need to do anything since Marilyn and the other servants were at Russell Mansion. She kept
Old Mr. Russell company as they chatted and drank tea.


“Grandpa, I recently saw Dex’s mother…” Josie asked hesitantly, “I found out something about her
other son. With this premise, how much do you think we can trust her?”

Old Mr. Russell’s smile dimmed slightly. “I never thought you would find out about it so quickly.

“I don’t understand. This isn’t a secret to nie. Why wasn’t I told from the beginning?”

“Jo, Xanthe is a painful memory to Dex. I think he doesn’t want others to know anything about her.” Old
Mr. Russell’s voice sounded pained.

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