That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 291

Laura Starting Work

It was quite a big demand.

“I’ll let you know later.”

After that, Josie hung up and looked at the man. “Did you hear that?”

Dexter was still calm. He gestured for her to eat.

“I care more about your thoughts. Are you okay with it?”

“She’s pretty capable and has the basics. I’m willing to let her into the design department, but I’m afraid
she will be trouble for you, Mr. Russell. Her eyes curved, and she smiled. “So, I have to get your

Dexter snorted coldly. “Why are you still asking me since you’ve decided? How can I not return this
favor for you?”

This meant he silently approved. Josie was delighted and subconsciously held his hand. She kissed his
check, and it sounded affectionate.

Dexter paused for a moment, and his gaze was deep.

After Josie replied to Laura, she immediately looked for Dexter’s laptop, wanting to borrow it.

She had to deal with work since someone was starting work.

Dexter tapped her head. “There’s a rule in the future. You can’t work at home.”

The word ‘home’ felt warm, and her heart raced.

Josie sat on the rug while using the laptop. She looked up at the man who sat on the couch and smiled.
faintly. “Does it only apply to me?”

The man patted her head and smiled. He didn’t say anything.

Josie met Laura the next day.

Laura was different from her usual arrogant self as she entered work. She was a capable, experienced,
mature, and beautiful woman.

Laura was also obnoxious and invasive. She was condescending to everyone and had an assertive

Josie walked into the design department with documents and shook hands with Laura in a businesslike
manner. “Nice to meet you. Welcome to Russell Group.”

“It’s your honor.”

Josie was flabbergasted.

She instructed Alice to take Laura around to familiarize herself.

She could guess why Laura insisted on joining Russell Group. It was to overthrow her.

But it didn’t matter.

A few more new employees came to report for work. When there were vacancies at Russell Group,
they quickly received strong and experienced applicants.

Josie had instructed the interviewers that experience didn’t matter, but the applicants had to be sincere.

Laura was much more well-versed among the new employees since she was experienced. She was
seasoned in interior design, and her presence stood out.

Moses had nothing to do in the office, so he watched the bustling office.

Dexter bumped into Xanthe when their partnership project rolled out.

The elegant woman stood before the French windows. She was skinny and was no longer the figure he
looked up to when he was young.

“Your father’s work desk was here back then.” Xanthe sounded weary as she turned to look at Dexter.

He didn’t look at her and was brewing tea instead. “I threw that desk away the day I entered Russell
Group. This place was renovated and is no longer the office it was back then.”

Xanthe smiled. “How merciless. It’s no doubt that you’re my son.”

Dexter was pouring out tea, and he paused. He looked up. “You would have berated him for being rude
if he said such a thing, right?”

Xanthe spread her hands. “Different people need to be taught differently. I don’t see a problem with it.”

The tea was clear. Dexter put a cup before her.

“I’ve done what I’ve promised you. I hope you can keep your word too. Dexter’s voice was icy. It wasn’t
friendly at all.

Xanthe sat on the couch and raised her head slightly. “I would have made a move at Mandarin Oriental
if I wanted to. She’s naïve and dumb. Don’t worry. I’m not shameless enough to make a move against a
young girl.”

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