That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 290

Asking to Return the Favor

Wyatt and Josie’s surprise turned to shock. They clearly understood Dexter’s intention. He thought
highly of Wyatt!

Josie flipped through the document and heard the man’s calm and magnetic voice. “But there’s a
prerequisite, of course. It’s the same thing. While testing the waters, your profits must exceed nine
figures in six months.”

Wyatt was dumbstruck.

Everyone suddenly had no desire to flip through the document. They knew Dexter was being strict.
How could Wyatt easily pass Dexter’s test?

Josie quickly looked through the document but found it acceptable. Wyatt nodded. “If you think highly of
me, Mr. Wyatt, I will try my best.”

Dexter’s lips curved slightly. No one understood what his smile meant.

He got up and left the meeting room. He still had many things to do.

After the meeting ended, Josie had the urge to call the nasty man. But she changed her mind when she
thought of how he probably had another meeting.

Word spreads fast in the business world. Dexter’s high regard for Wyatt quickly circulated, and Wyatt’s
publicity in recent days gained him considerable fame.

Everyone was saying that Dexter was grooming Wyatt as a successor.

Josie had just finished her work late at night. Various departments in Russell Group were working hard
on recent projects, and the design department was also involved. The highlight of the e-commerce live
stream was a suite in a Russell Group building.

She was done with her preparation. Wyatt bumped into Dexter when he came down to get information.

“Why are you here, Mr. Russell?”

The man sat in Josie’s seat. He was in a tailored suit.

With a faint smile, he said, “I came to pick up Josie. Is everything going well?”

Josie’s computer was password protected. Dexter typed in her birthday but failed.

“Yes.” Wyatt handed Dexter a cup of coffee. “You don’t have to worry.”

Dexter kept quiet. He typed in his birthday but failed again.

Dexter tried their wedding anniversary date but to no avail. He smiled in exasperation and gave up.

“Where’s Josie?”

“I haven’t seen her. She just informed me to come here and take the information.”

Dexter didn’t ask further and let Wyatt go. Afterward, he tidied her messy desk, straightened her
documents, and put her stationery and laptop aside.

Josie had just returned from the washroom and saw Dexter’s secretary waiting outside the door,
blinking and signaling to her.

Josie opened the door and walked to the man when she saw him. “Why are you here?”

Dexter’s gaze fell on her wet hands, and he understood. “I was waiting for you to go home.”

The two hadn’t spent much time together for the past two days. Josie was slightly bashful. “Did you..
instruct for the news to be taken down?”

Dexter raised his brows. “Are you angry?”

“No. I was just surprised.” Josie shook her head.

The two returned to Mason Garden. The servants had prepared dinner. While they were eating, she
received a call. It was from an unknown caller.

“I’m Laura.” The other party was direct.

Josie and Dexter looked at each other. “I can tell.”

The man rolled his sleeves to his elbow and silently gave Josie more of her favorite food.

“You said you owed me a favor previously. You can return it now,” Laura said boldly.

“Tell me. What do you need me to do?” Josie felt more at ease since Laura had asked for the favor on
her own accord.

“I want to work in Russell Group’s design department. Tell Mr. Russell.”

Laura’s target was clear. It seemed like she had a clear plan from the start.

Josie looked at Dexter beside her. Regardless of Laura’s motive, Josie had no reason to reject Laura.

“What position do you want?”

“Deputy manager.”

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