That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 293

Chapter 292 Achieved Goal

“You better keep your word.” He couldn’t be bothered to look at her.

“But Dexter, are your feelings for her sincere?” Xanthe asked him solemnly.

His lips twitched. “Doesn’t it seem that way?”

She narrowed her eyes.

Dexter was wearing Bluetooth earphones, and someone was reporting the real-time situation to him.

“Mrs. Russell is also here since she implemented it.”

“The live stream has ended, and the sales totaled up to thirty-five point six billion. They have sufficient.
capital flow.”

“The suite was sold out within ten seconds. It was beyond anyone’s imagination.”

When Dexter heard it, he looked up nonchalantly. “The goal has been achieved. You can leave.”

Xanthe looked at the time when she heard it. She wrinkled her brows and asked, “So fast?”

He didn’t say anything.

She didn’t believe it, but she had to when faced with her aggressive son. She got up, and before she
left. she said. “Thanks.”

Xanthe had successfully entered the domestic market. It would expand what she was going to do.

The person was still speaking into Dexter’s earphones.

“Mrs. Russell and the rest are being interviewed. She defused it perfectly when asked about public
opinion. on the previous construction site, Mr. Russell.”

Dexter was distracted and didn’t pay attention. He took out his earphones and was lost in thought as he
sat on the spot.

After some time, the sky darkened, and dark clouds covered the city. A storm was coming. His cell
phone on the table kept vibrating.

He came to his senses and saw that Josie was calling. He massaged the bridge of his nose as he
answered the call. “What’s up?”

“… It hurts.” A delicate yet distressed voice rang in his ears.

Dexter’s expression immediately changed into an awful one.

Traffic was terrible today, and he was stuck on the road. It suddenly started to rain.

The air in the car was icy. Even the driver dared not look at the man’s expression in the backseat.

Dexter spoke darkly to Mrs. Carroll on the phone about matters needing attention.

After that, his secretary called the head of Wavery’s traffic police and explained the situation. Soon,
traffic police were dispatched, and the roads were cleared.

It was smooth all the way until Mason Garden. A servant met him with an umbrella, but the man
stepped into the rain without a second glance as he walked in with enormous strides.

His target was clear. The master bedroom.

“How did you get hurt at home?” He seemed to be berating her, but upon closer inspection, his voice
was tender.

Josie was forced to lie on the bed. Her legs were wrapped in gauze, and he couldn’t see the depth of
her wound. Her expression wasn’t unusual, but she seemed more embarrassed when Dexter

He picked her up from her waist and put her in his lap as he examined her leg. He looked upset and
distressed. “Why is it swollen?”

Their family doctor was packing up his medical equipment. He explained, “It’s swollen because Mrs.
Russell stood in high heels for too long. It’s not a big problem. She will recover soon.”

The man looked at Josic, and his expression was dark and incomprehensible.

Josie looked away subconsciously. “The live stream was today, so I was at the scene. I had no other

Mrs. Carroll bowed slightly. She said apologetically, “Mrs. Russell broke a glass, and the shattered
pieces weren’t cleaned properly. It was my oversight. I should be penalized.”

Josie sat in Dexter’s lap. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

Dexter didn’t look at Mrs. Carroll. His voice wasn’t harsh, but it seemed like he had reached his limit. “If
this happens again, resign voluntarily.”

“…. I understand.”

After that, everyone else in the room left. Only Dexter and Josie were left.

The air instantly changed.

It was stormy outside, and she was close to him. She heard his powerful heartbeat, which made the
situation unnecessarily sensual.

There were still raindrops on his hair.

They quickly warmed up from the heat of their bodies close together.

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