That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 294

Making a Move Against Carter Group

Few knew that she was the woman in the rumors. Josie was slightly anxious, and she stopped the
video. She looked down to continue eating and didn’t hear a word from Dexter for a long time Josie
couldn’t help but explain dully, “Could I have stayed silent when faced with such a question? I didn’t
embarrass you, did 1?”

Dexter laughed aloud. He stroked her hair and propped his head up with one hand. His hurried
heartbeat slowly calmed down as they looked at each other. “Mm. You didn’t.”

Josie had a strong intuition and feared that Dexter was so roused that he wanted to torment her today,
so she came up with an excuse. She said that she was sleepy and wanted to sleep.

He grabbed her wrist. He was feeling slightly cold, but his palm was always warm.

The man said calmly, “There’s no rush. Let me take you around. Sleep after your food is digested.”

“Do you want to look around?”


It was a huge villa. Josie had yet to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of this peaceful place.

Dexter put another coat on her before they left the room.

He led her to the library. It was enormous and consisted of two floors. Books filled every corner,
including the stairs. When they opened the door, the fragrance of books in the cold room greeted them.
From the paper’s quality and the books’ names, Josie could tell they had been bought for a hefty sum.

Some of the books could even be traced back to the Roman Empire.

Dexter told her gently about the history and background of the books. He was concise and
comprehensive, and he took great pleasure in it.

Josie glanced at the books one by one and was surprised to find works from famous authors like
William James and Sherwood Anderson.

It included the earliest edition of the book “Winesburg, Ohio. Josie reached out for it and looked at it.
She remembered the book and found it fascinating. She smiled. “Have you read this?”

Dexter was honest. “No. It’s too difficult to understand.”

“I thought you would be interested.”

“No matter how interested I am in it, I lost all interest when I saw the lines of words. The man raised his
hand and loosened one of his buttons, seeming solemn.

Josie put the book back in its place and was vulnerable to his attack from the back. There was a
sensuous air. “I only remember part of it.”

“The part where the characters share a steamy night.”

The author was creative. Those who read the story knew that the characters spent the night together…

Josie’s cars visibly reddened. Not only were they red, but they also burned because Dexter was kissing



The room and floor were warm. Dexter took off his coat and lay it on the floor. His actions were
absentminded yet orderly. She previously thought this man was highly proficient in these matters.

His kisses shifted downward. They were like a sea at high tide as the waves rose and fell. Each wave
surged passionately.

That was how Josie felt at that moment. She never thought that he would be roused and carry out his
plans so quickly.

Every time they touched, it was familiar yet strange. It was as though he didn’t give her the space to

His sweat fell on her delicate arm. It was unbearable.

He deliberately brought up an unrelated topic at this time to distract her.

He said, “Don’t worry about me. I know what I’m doing. Russell Group has made it this far.”

His deep gasps made her flush and her heart race.

He switched positions and slowed down. “Carter Group’s share prices rose too much last week. They
will undoubtedly rise and fall.”

Josie tried to recall her fragmented thoughts and could vaguely guess his intention. “Are you making a
move against Carter Group?”

He must have said all these because he meant to punish Carter Group.

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