That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 296

Something Strange About Ivy

But Josie disagreed with what Laura had said.

It was only natural and practical that Josie’s creative works so far had been for work, but it didn’t mean
she didn’t have her own thoughts.

After Alice left, Josie went to the website to register. She also sent Kevan a message reminding him to

He replied quickly and said that he had also registered.

She had a social engagement today, and the other party had requested to meet at Heaven on Earth.
They naturally had a complicated background since they wanted to discuss business at such a place.

But thankfully, Josie informed Calvin before she went. She tried to make things as simple as possible.
She looked utterly miserable as she attended the meeting on crutches. Therefore, the project was
successfully discussed without any setbacks.

Calvin leaned against the door. He was dressed flamboyantly. “My word, Mrs. Russell. You really treat
me like family now. You’re not as courteous as you used to be.”

Josie ran her fingers through her hair and put her arm on his shoulder. She said softly. “Since you call
me Mrs. Russell, it’s only natural that I think of you as family.”

Calvin broke into laughter.

He had a pretty good impression of her. On top of Dexter’s recent news, he likely intended to keep the

Calvin sent her to the door and casually asked, “How is Dex? Has he been in Wavery recently?”

Josie didn’t know what Dexter was currently working on. The last time they met was at the French
Riviera villa, and he had gotten angry because she mentioned Arnold while they were doing the deed.

“He should be.”

Calvin asked teasingly. “Should be? You’re so thoughtless, Mrs. Russell. Aren’t you afraid that
someone will scheme against you and take over your position?”

Josie didn’t care. “If they manage to do so, I’ll surrender readily.”

“How confident.”

“That’s how I feel at present.”

Calvin’s footsteps stopped. He put his hands in his pocket. “Did Dex fire an assistant recently? A

Ivy Miller.

Josie subconsciously stood upright. “What’s up with her?”

“She keeps appearing here at night and seems to have engagements. I’m not sure what she’s doing.
You should watch out.”

Something Strange About Ivy

Josie was surprised. She wanted to ask further, but Calvin’s cell phone started ringing incessantly, so
he stopped elaborating. “You can pass Dex this message. Remember to tell hirn about it

Josie realized something. She thought that Ivy was on leave. Was Ivy fired?

Ivy had stayed by Dexter’s side from the start as he made his way up. She knew most of Russell
Group’s confidential information but was fired. Dexter was both bold and ruthless.

But Josie didn’t understand what Ivy had done wrong. Did Dexter discover that Ivy was in love with

No. That man was so sensitive. He would have known about such a minor issue early on. He had kept
Ivy around for many years and must have had his reasons. Did he have no reason to keep her around

Josie was still thinking about it when she left Heaven on Earth but couldn’t figure it out.

She received a message from Dexter two days later. She was on the way back to Mason Garden from
the hospital.

Spring evenings were slightly cold. Josie saw signs of life in the concrete jungle as she looked around.
At that moment, Josie realized that a year had passed, and it was the start of another year.

She came across a vendor selling seasonal fruits who smiled at everyone. She felt emotionally and
physically exhausted and genuinely felt like she was in turmoil. She relaxed slightly as she walked past


Dexter called her and asked her where she was. His voice was slightly hoarse.

Josie wasn’t a very possessive woman. She ultimately didn’t ask him what he was busy with for the
past few days. Or perhaps she utterly trusted his character.

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