That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 295

Design Competition.

Dexter seemed to silently acknowledge it.

Arnold’s face appeared in Josie’s mind, and she was slightly lost in thought. “Can I ask if you and
Arnold have other conflicts other than the woman?”

It didn’t make sense if they were business rivals for so many years just for a woman.

Even if Arnold kept harassing Dexter, Dexter shouldn’t retaliate in the same way if it was for a woman.

The man on top of her stopped, and his sharp gaze was alarming. He raised her chin. “Are you talking
about another man at such a time?”

Josie choked. At the next moment, he exerted force, and she cried out in pain. It was her punishment.

Her injured leg had yet to heal, but her work couldn’t be held up. Dexter wanted to get her a wheelchair,
but she chided him for making a mountain out of a molchill. In the end, she settled with crutches.

When Moses came to send her to work, he almost spat out the coffee he was drinking. “It’s just been a
day since I last saw you. Did you break your leg?”

Stupid brat. Josie threw her documents at him. “Open the door!”

Xanthe was victorious, and the finance news reported about her for a long time. They also covered how
Russell and Carter Groups’ reputations had improved.

Only Josie knew that such a peaceful situation on the surface wouldn’t last long.

Arnold hadn’t seemed to return to the country. She scrolled through her contact list on her cell phone
repeatedly but didn’t call him in the end.

Never mind.

“Jo! Come and take a look.” Alice walked into Josie’s office with her cell phone early in the morning.
Alice delightedly said, “Preparations for this year’s Interior Design Awards have started. Are you

Josie was slightly surprised. She had never thought of it. She glanced at it. “It’s really happening.”

The Interior Design Awards was a famous interior design competition in the country. Other than the
usual awards, it was also a benchmark for the domestic design industry’s development. Regardless if
she won, overnight success was just around the corner if she registered and was shortlisted.

“You never joined the contest because you were too busy working for the past few years. That’s why
your résumé hasn’t been outstanding. But you’re in a much better place now. You can display your
strength to the outside world now.” Alice was much more enthusiastic than Josie. “What do you think?
Join the competition.”

Josie had a smile on her face from the start until the end. Actually, she also thought of joining the
competition. Every designer in the industry must have dreamt of winning an award.

“Alright, I’ll find the time to register.”

Before Alice could answer, a voice rang from outside. Tll advise you not to overestimate yourself Im
determined to win the Interior Design Awards”

It was Laura’s icy and childlike voice.

Laura walked in with some documents and said, “I’ve seen your design. To be honest, it isn’t suitable
for the competition”

“You always know best. So, tell me. Who’s the most suitable for the competition? You?” Alice was
enraged when she saw Laura.

Josie held Alice back. “Isn’t it too early to jump to conclusions before the results are announced?”

“Then try joining.” Laura looked at them disdainfully. She put the documents on Josie’s desk before

Alice was enraged when she saw Laura’s arrogant demeanor. She rolled her sleeves, shook her fists,
and gritted her teeth. “Why is she so arrogant? She just has connections to Mr. Russell. Does she think
she’s a big deal as the deputy manager?!”

Josie sat down at her desk with the help of her crutches. She was too embarrassed to say she had
singlehandedly arranged for Laura’s sudden appearance.

“We all privately curse at her for being bossy. Don’t take it to heart, Jo.”

Josie shook her head. “Laura was nominated for a few prestigious domestic and international awards.
She didn’t exactly degrade me. I don’t care.”

Alice was dumbstruck when she heard it. “She… she has an impressive background, after all.”

“That’s why you can’t underestimate her.”

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