That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 298

Tenth Anniversary Celebration

His eyes were bright, and he suddenly touched Josie’s shoulder. “Do you need me to arrange anything
for the competition you mentioned?”


He smiled lightly. “You can contact my people any time if anything happens to your father.”

“As for your daily commute. Moses will be responsible.”

Josie pursed her lips. She had a bad premonition as she asked softly, “What’s up?”

It wasn’t a good sign. He seemed to be organizing his affairs like something would happen to him.

It was best when Dexter wasn’t dressed formally. Everything he did attracted attention.

He smiled at her. “Something happened at the overseas branch, so I’m going there to deal with it.”

“That’s all?” Josie furrowed her brows.

“Are you afraid you will be wronged if I’m not around?” He nodded and met Josie’s gaze. He seemed
open. but his eyes were incomprehensible.

It seemed like he was telling the truth.

Josie couldn’t figure him out, but she couldn’t believe his excuse. She said his name. “Dexter.”

She spoke solemnly because she didn’t want him to hide anything from her.

After the past few days, his strength and tenderness had given Josie a misconception that he had
succumbed to her.

The woman didn’t know that her pitiful gaze was fascinating and charming. Dexter couldn’t hold back.
He raised her chin and kissed her.

The kiss was just right and was purely a kiss between a couple. It wasn’t sensual. Dexter and Josie
were attractive, and their kiss was utterly romantic.

Dexter left without delay. At Mason Garden in the morning, dew still hung onto leaves, and it was misty.

Josie heard the engine downstairs and immediately crawled up from bed. She walked to the balcony
and saw Dexter’s car slowly leave.

He had awoken without making much noise because he hadn’t wanted to wake her. But he didn’t know.
that she had long awoken.

Dexter, I think I like you too much. Josie looked sad as she leaned against the railing.

“Express delivery for you, Ms. Warren.” The receptionist handed Josie an envelope as soon as she

the office.

Josie was baffled. Who would send me something using express delivery? She thanked the

pened it with her bare hands and saw a well-designed, gold-plated invitation. Ribbons were at the øde,
and a few words on top were printed in calligraphy. “Carter Group’s Tenth Anniversary:

The w

muversary invitation.

seart sank when she saw it. The words ‘cordially invited by Arnold Carter’ were at the bottom.

She was perplexed as she walked. Why did I receive an invitation to Carter Group’s anniversary

After a moment, Laura also walked over with an express delivery. When she opened it, it was an

tation. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Josie. “Mr. Carter also sent one to you?”

Josie was suspicious “You too?”

They and the slightly more famous designers in the design department had also received an invitation.
Arnold must have been treating everyone in the industry equally favorably.

Jose breathed a sigh of relief.

Someone was shrieking, “Arnold Carter! Can we meet him? I heard he’s very handsome.”

Laura immediately rolled her eyes. “Regardless of how handsome he is, you don’t stand a chance. Mr.
Carter already has someone he likes. She’s very elegant!”

laura, do you know Arnold Carter?”

“We grew up together.”


Josie was unconcerned about Laura’s childish behavior. She walked to her office in exasperation and
put ber invitation aside.

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