That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 302

Who Is That Woman?

He slowly turned and met Josie’s embarrassed gaze. At that moment, her heart beat furiously. The
person he


“The person I like is here.”

Everyone gasped. Josie shut her eyes.

“But she isn’t feeling well, so I can’t dance with her.”

After that, Josie breathed a sigh of relief. She saw the man’s broad figure gradually back away and was
slightly lost in thought. She had really overthought things when his gaze had met hers.

Tsk. I shouldn’t have thought about it.

She raised her hand to look at her watch. She wanted to stay for another ten minutes before leaving.
Dexter replied, ‘I just finished.’

When are you coming back?‘

She thought about it before deleting the message. Instead, she replied, ‘Rest well.’

Laura was still busy socializing. Josie thought she was capable enough not to make trouble on such an

occasion, so Josie left the hotel first. But she saw a familiar figure in the corridor.


Xanthe exited the car and entered the hotel as the servers guided her. Shortly after, Arnold appeared
and shook hands with Xanthe before walking together to the end of the corridor.

Why is Xanthe here?

Josie took a deep breath. By right, Russell and Carter Groups‘ partnership had ended. Xanthe had no
reason to meet with Arnold. Was there something going on between the two of them?

She didn’t think about it further and followed them cautiously. Her heels didn’t make a sound on the soft
carpeted floor.

They entered a room but didn’t shut the door. Josie hid in a corner and faintly saw a young woman in a
white dress appear. Josie couldn’t see the woman’s face, but she looked fragile yet elegant.

The woman faced Xanthe, and Josie didn’t know what the two were talking about. Xanthe hugged the


Josie’s brows furrowed. Who is this woman? Is this the person Arnold mentioned? The woman he

Just as she was pondering, a shadow towered over her. “How long are you going to watch?”

Josie was startled and fell backward. Just as her head was about to hit the wall, the man caught hold of
her and covered her mouth as he dragged her to the stairs.


Josie struggled with all her might and panted as she stared at the indifferent man. “What are you


He was in the room. When did he come out?

Arnold let her go and laughed in his rage. “I haven’t asked you what you’re doing by snooping on my
personal life.”

Josie suddenly lost her confidence and said softly, “How is this considered your personal life?”

“What did you see?” Arnold put one hand against the wall and had a reckless smile as usual. “Why?
Did you feel jealous, Mrs. Russell?”

“Pfft!” Josie didn’t hold back. “You should know your limits.”

Arnold smiled calmly.

“Who is that?” She asked in the end. ‘What relationship do you have with Xanthe?”

Arnold’s smile slowly dimmed. He wiped her lipstick with his fingers. “Josie, I don’t tell you certain
things for your own good.”

She didn’t understand and shook her head. “I won’t be able to sleep if you don’t tell me.”

He hung his head slightly and smirked. The two were very close. Josie wanted to avoid him, but she

“Go home. Your driver must have been waiting for a long time.” After that, Arnold pulled away
indifferently and entered the room again.

This time, he shut the door.

Josie was left confused. She didn’t understand.

Moses had been waiting long and was smoking in the driver’s seat. “Dexter called me and asked me
where you were.”

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