That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 300

Are You a Masochist?

After some consideration, Josie decided to attend Carter Group’s anniversary celebration.

Putting personal reasons aside, as the backbone of Russell Group’s design department, she would be
criticized if others discovered she didn’t go after Arnold sent her an invitation.

She couldn’t only think of herself at work. She had to consider her team.

As for Dexter, it wouldn’t be easy to explain it to him. She called him, but it was transferred to his
secretary’s cell phone. When his secretary heard what Josie said, her head hurt slightly. “Are you sure,
Mrs. Russell?”

Josie felt a twinge of guilt.

She knew that the secretary’s question represented Dexter’s position on the matter.

With Dexter’s personality, he would be livid if he found out that Josie was attending his rival’s
anniversary celebration. It would be better to go with someone, but so many things happened recently,
and no one was free. Dexter’s secretary was in a dilemma. “Mrs. Russell, can’t you not go?”

Not attend? I can’t do that.

Arnold’s assistant called Josie.

“Ms. Warren, Mr. Carter mentioned you by name and said you must be invited. You won’t make things
difficult for me, will you?”

They were all corporate slaves. After the assistant said such things, Josie couldn’t turn the invitation
down, no matter what.

And Arnold was devious for only sending the invitation to Josie at the last minute. He didn’t want her to
have time to think about it, avoid it, or turn the invitation down.

“Why don’t I do this? I’ll ask Laura to come with me. What do you think?”

“Ms. Laura Brandel?” The secretary was slightly hesitant.

“Yes. She hates me, but she’s close to Arnold. She can neutralize our relationship.”

Josie’s wisdom made the secretary’s eyes light up. This can work… but…”

Before she could finish speaking, Josie hung up.

Laura was sketching at her workstation and immediately covered her screen when she sensed
someone approaching. “What are you doing? Are you trying to steal my ideas?”

Josie put her hand on the desk. “Are you free for Carter Group’s anniversary celebration?”

Laura frowned fiercely and was utterly uneasy. “What do you want?”

“Aren’t you worried about me? You’re afraid of me interacting with Dexter and afraid that Arnold will fall
in love with me. If you come with me, you can keep watch over me. Isn’t that good?” Josie said

giving Laura goosebumps,

Josie saw it wasn’t working, so she immediately changed her methods. “Alright. I can go alone. After
all, I haven’t seen Arnold for a long time. I can have a good chat with him.”

Laura gritted her teeth and grabbed Josie’s wrist. “You’re good.”

Josie laughed.

On the day of the tenth-anniversary celebration. Josie rushed back to Mason Garden to change after
work. ended, Laura was already waiting for her downstairs and looked at the time impatiently. “It’s my
first time seeing someone tardier than me.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming! Start the car, Moses!” Josie chose a dark green evening gown. She thought it
would be cold at night and decided on a coat. In other words, she wanted to keep a low profile.

She planned to show up momentarily before leaving.

The vehicle left the house and headed to a well-known hotel. Josie didn’t know that she was slowly
walking into a trap.

Many companies had anniversary celebrations, but not many had ten-year anniversaries.

Carter Group was a veteran in the industry, and many influential bosses attended the celebration for
Arnold’s sake.

Therefore, Josie could feel the extent of the glorious celebration before she had even arrived.

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