That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 301

The Person Arnold Likes

Carter Group’s celebrations weren’t inferior to Russell Group’s. Arnold was a particular person. He
wouldn’t lose to Dexter.

Josie discovered Arnold had returned to the country as they arrived at the hotel.

Laura ran to Arnold in her heels and hugged the bright–looking man. She looked up and asked, “What
time did you arrive, Mr. Carter?”

It seemed like he had just returned today.

Josie stood on the spot and felt slightly awkward. Josie saw Arnold patting Laura’s head but looking at
Josie. “In the morning.”

For some reason, Josie thought of what Lillian had said to her but was still unwilling to believe it.

“We meet again, Ms. Warren.” When Arnold approached Josie, he extended his hands with a faint
smile as he sized her up.

“Mr. Carter.” Josie nodded respectfully and didn’t overstep boundaries.

After entering the venue, Laura was a social butterfly. She could chat with anyone and seemed to be in
a great mood.

Josie looked around and only saw a few acquaintances from Russell Group. After greeting them, Josie
sat in a corner and sent Dexter a message, asking him if he had finished his work.

He didn’t reply to her message, so she thought he was still busy.

A few board members were giving speeches on stage. Josie supported her head with her hand as she
listened to them, overcome with boredom. She could vaguely predict Carter Group’s future

It wasn’t as complicated as Russell Group’s. Carter Group made a fortune out of the real estate
business. They had exceptional foresight and knowledge. Therefore, everything went smoothly for

None of the board members were Carters. They were outsiders but were willing to work for Arnold. His
ability and status were evident.

Josie had always felt that although Arnold didn’t seem very resolved, he had profound plans and

Otherwise, Dexter wouldn’t have treated Arnold as a rival for so many years.

“What are you thinking about?” A soft yet firm voice pulled her back to reality. She was taken aback
when she looked up at Arnold, who was in a bright suit.

He sat beside her, and she subconsciously shifted to the side.

“Aren’t you occupied today?”

Arnold stretched and leaned back in the chair. “You’re an honored guest. How can I ignore you?”

She didn’t want to hear such things.

Carter Group had invited many celebrities, and many people surrounded the stars. No one noticed
Josie and Arnold’s interaction in the corner.

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“Your husband is quite merciless. He dealt a heavy blow at such a crucial juncture. It hurts,” he said
with a faint sinile as his bright eyes curved. Josie didn’t dare look at him.

Josie had a rough idea that Dexter was making a move against the Carter Group, Did his business trip
this time have anything to do with this?

“Business is like war. A woman like me doesn’t understand it.”


Arnold sneered and twisted his wrists. “I told you not to return to Rivodia previously, but you still did,
didn’t you?”

Josic looked at him and kept quiet. It was her way of silently acknowledging.

Arnold understood it and nodded. “He’s like that. He takes advantage of people to their full extent.”

Josie was uncomfortable by Arnold’s peculiar words. She frowned. “Arnold, you don’t have to beat
around. the bush if you want to say something to me. But of course, I will judge for myself if your words
are right.”

At this time, the celebrities dispersed, and there was a ruckus on stage as they asked Mr. Carter to

The spotlight shone on Arnold. Josie, who was next to him, had no place to hide. She subconsciously
hid her face, and her heart beat furiously.

Arnold was at case. He sat on the spot without moving

“You’ve never trusted me.”

Josie frantically avoided the spotlight, and she kicked his calf. “Quickly answer them!”

After a moment, Arnold slowly rose among everyone’s baffled gaze. “Who do I have to dance with?”

Someone shouted, “The person you like, of course.”

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