That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 297

Humans Are Social Creatures

She told him that she had gone to the hospital to visit her father, and Dexter asked on the phone. “How
is he?”

Josie repeated Matthew’s advice to her. After that, she stopped and picked out cherries from the fruit
vendor. “By the way, I saw Calvin a few days ago. He told me about Ivy.”

She said simply, but he didn’t answer for a long time.

Dexter was silent, and Josie waited for a while only to hear him say something absurd. “Don’t choose
lightly colored cherries. Choose those with a deep color.”

Josie’s crouched figure froze at the spot.

She turned and saw a black Porsche 911.

It was Dexter’s car. He was parked near her.

Josie was surprised. She stared at the vehicle foolishly and blankly in the evening breeze. At the next
moment, a warm men’s coat fell on her. Her cold hands were enveloped by a pair of warm hands, and
Josie heard his voice in her ears. “How much is it?”

Josie turned, and Dexter took out bills from his wallet. His face was slightly weary, but he smiled
brightly. “I parked my car there. I was there.” He pointed. “I watched as you slowly walked over.”

The woman’s shadow was stretched out ahead by the setting sun. A mild breeze swept her hair. She
was effortlessly beautiful.

Dexter thought of something. Josie had suffered in life, but she still remained tenderhearted.

Gentle but not weak. Josie was strong.

Josie hadn’t been prepared to meet Dexter. She looked up in embarrassment. “How did you know that
I’m here?” She asked as she picked up the bag of cherries.

Dexter was faster than her, and he held the bag. “I happened to pass by.” He did, indeed, pass by and
carelessly glanced outside when he saw her.

Josie still felt it was unbelievable when she sat in the passenger’s seat. She kept looking at the man
beside her every few seconds.

His actions were familiar, but they overwhelmed her slightly.

Dexter finally snorted coldly as usual. “Do you have to sit so uneasily? The world now knows that the
woman sitting in Dexter’s passenger’s seat will be the future Mrs. Russell.”

He took the initiative to mention it, and Josie’s face immediately burned.

“They still don’t know!”

Men had been making women blush since time immemorial.

Humans Are Social Creatures

Dexter thought about many things at this time.

She became his wife last summer. He felt distressed for her initially, but he didn’t love her.

Now that they had been through so much, he clearly saw how his feelings for her grew and how he
started to accept her as he reflected on how they interacted.

He had always lived in his own world and had never let anyone in. But one day, he suddenly realized
that Josie could quickly come and go in this world.

Even Calvin had noticed it and asked Dexter.

Dexter remembered his answer. “Humans are social creatures, after all.”

It was only natural to have feelings after spending so much time together,

The two hadn’t met in a few days. Josie subconsciously started telling him about what had happened
recently. Her leg had healed, she had closed a project, and she had entered a design competition.

Dexter listened to her quietly. He didn’t say anything, but his heart felt full.

“I’m going on a business trip soon,” he said slowly after Josie was done.

Josie was astonished. “Ah?”


He’s Dexter Russell. Why is he telling me where he’s going?

In the past, he would just leave without an explanation.

But now?

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