That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 303

Framed by Plagiarism Again

Josie came to her senses and turned on her cell phone. There were a few unread messages.

Are you home?‘

“Tell me once you’re home.

She immediately replied, ‘On my way now.”

Actually, she wasn’t confused. Arnold didn’t meet many women like that. There was only one
possibility. Is Summer back in the country?

That can’t be. Laura and Summer are good friends. How would Laura not know if Summer was back?
Laura didn’t act strange at all today.

Josie held her cell phone and hesitated for a long time. She didn’t jump to conclusions, but her heart
beat furiously. She had an ominous premonition.

She returned to everyday working life after Carter Group’s anniversary celebration ended. Dexter’s
business trip this time was exceptionally long. He was so busy he didn’t even have time to call her.

Josie had a fixed routine. Other than visiting her father, she was engrossed in polishing her design. Her
and Laura’s designs were selected for the semifinals.

Laura said disdainfully, “Try harder if you want to win.”

Josie didn’t want to fight with her.

Kevan didn’t make it into the semifinals. She looked at the name list and sighed. But at this time, she
saw a familiar name. Claire Wilcher.

Claire Wilcher? Claire!

Was she shortlisted too?

Josie hadn’t heard anything about Claire for a long time. She was momentarily baffled. Claire was fired
from Russell Group because of her devious behavior, but she was professionally capable. She must
have wanted to win an award and make a comeback.

Josie’s thoughts were simple. But shortly after, she received a call from the awards organizing
committee. “Ms. Warren, the design you submitted resembles another contestant’s. We’re very sorry,
but we must start an investigation.”

It was a bolt from the blue. Josie suddenly stood up and said disbelievingly, “How can this be? Who is

other contestant?”

“Claire Wilcher.”

Josie was dumbstruck.

It was impossible. Josie hadn’t seen Claire for a long time, and the two never interacted. How can our

be similar?

The organizing committee didn’t elaborate.


Josie subconsciously wanted to call Dexter. She hesitated for a long time and didn’t call him in the end.
She called Calvin instead.

“Design work?” The two sat across from each other. Calvin turned on her laptop and took a look.

“Yes. I’m perfectly sure that I never met Claire in person, but I don’t know if my laptop was breached.”
Josie was slightly anxious. “I thought about it but didn’t know who to approach, so I came to you.”

Calvin glanced at her kindly. “You’re welcome to come to me when Dex isn’t in Wavery.”

Warmth spread in Josie’s heart. It felt like she had a family because of Dexter. She felt reassured.

“I installed a firewall for you the last time your laptop was repaired. It couldn’t have been breached.”
Calvin didn’t find traces of her laptop being breached. “Think about it. Did you really not meet Claire?”

“I didn’t.” Josie was sure.

The last time she saw Claire was when Claire was beaten up. She didn’t know what had happened to
Claire after that.

Calvin tapped his fingers against the desk. “How about this? Instead of just waiting anxiously, why don’t
you initiate an attack?”

“What do you mean?”

Around two hours later, Calvin received a document. It showed a detailed record of Claire’s current
situation. She had broken up with Mr. Yves, and her pregnancy was terminated. After that, she
interviewed for jobs but ran into dead ends. She was living a simple life.

“I’m leaning toward the possibility that someone peeked at your laptop and sent the design to Claire.”

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