That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 305

He’s Back

“Smack!’ Claire slapped Josie loudly. Claire had used all her might, and Josie’s head was turned to the
side from the force of the slap. Josie tasted blood in her mouth. Claire loathed Josie, which was why
she was so vicious.

“You have the nerve to set me up?!” Claire gestured threateningly, and Josie covered her face with one
hand. Her face was swollen, and she slowly came to her senses.

She heard hurried footsteps in her earphones. Calvin told her to leave quickly.

Leave? Josie’s bad temper rose at once. She slapped me. How can I leave like this?

The man restrained Claire, and Josie suddenly raised her hand without any sign or explanation. She
returned the slap with the same force rudely and viciously.

She wouldn’t be satisfied if she didn’t hit Claire. “Claire Wilcher! I should have beaten you to your death
last time!”

“You! I’m going to kill you!” Claire’s eyes were bloodshot as she struggled with all her might.

Calvin’s subordinate signaled Josie with his eyes. “Quickly leave!” After that, he mouthed, the recording
is more important!

Josie thought about it with her remaining rationality. It made sense to her. She hid it and turned to leave
but didn’t expect Claire to be so sharp. Claire leaped to pull Josie’s hair. “You have a recording!”

Josie was caught off guard as Claire pulled her backward. Her scalp hurt, and she cried out loud. Her
Bluetooth carphones fell out.

Before the man could intervene, they suddenly heard a sharp voice. “What are you doing?”

The three of them stopped at once and looked toward the voice.

He came hurriedly with bodyguards behind him. He looked livid, and no one could stop him as he
rushed over. Calvin had arrived.

Claire was clueless. “Mr. Barrett? This is our personal matter. You don’t have to interfere.”

Calvin raised his brows at her and glanced at the man beside her. “You can go downstairs. Ms. Devlin
is waiting for you.”

“Yes, Mr. Barrett.”

Claire suddenly saw the light. She looked at Calvin, then at Josie. “Did you work together to set me

Josie stood up straight since she had someone on her side. “How can someone be so dumb?”

“You should leave,” Calvin said to Josie.

She looked away in disgust and left.

She ran down the stairs, and her hands were sweaty as she held the recording pen.

Thankfully, she had gotten evidence proving that she didn’t plagiarize. It wasn’t too tricky.

She suddenly met with a bright light on her last flight ist stairs

Josie’s eyes adjusted to the glare, and her footsteps stopped

The figure leaning against the wall was chillingly calm Josie almost went weak at the sight of his
familiar hgures

Peter Why is he here?

“Dex’ You’re back” Josie smiled and quickly ran down the steps. “Did you see the messages I sent
you? But how did you know I was here? What a coincidence”

The stairs weren’t very well-lit. The emergency light shone dimly, and it was quiet around them.

Dexter’s thin lips were pursed tightly, and his expression was nasty. He asked, “Did you get the

Jovie nodded furiously. “Thanks to Calvin.”

He extended his hand. “Show me.”

Josie stood on the third step from the bottom as she looked at the man before her. He felt unfamiliar
and strange. She unconsciously held the recording pen tightly and subconsciously thought she was still
in danger even with the pen.

She didn’t move.

Two buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned, and half his collarbone was exposed. Light flickered on his
side. profile, and he seemed dangerous,

He had a cold expression, and it put more pressure on Josic. She couldn’t keep her calm. “You haven’t
told me why you’re here.”

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