That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 299

History Has Always Needed Heroes.

At that moment, outside Russell Group.

“Are we going in, Mr. Carter?”

The driver’s voice in the front seat roused the man in the back seat. He came to his senses and
realized he had been staring outside the window for a long time.

Dark clouds had overwhelmed the city. The words ‘Russell Group’ on the office building were imposing
and grand.

Arnold couldn’t help but feel impressed. It represented Dexter’s iron fist.

Arnold’s bony hands held detailed information about the company.

Around two decades ago, Russell Group was prominent in the capital market under the leadership of
the Russell family’s eldest son. Everyone would think of him when Russell Group was mentioned. He
had shrewd judgment about the market and a discerning intuition. Many elders were intimidated by

But such an ideal state couldn’t last long. This proved to be true everywhere. As he led Russell Group,
almost everyone internally was a Russell. The family was tempted by massive profit in the long run,
and few could resist it. Therefore, certain matters were gradually influenced without the person in
charge noticing.

Internal strife and external conflicts suddenly popped up that year. It coincided with the market’s
financial crisis, and problems lurked around them. Even if the man had excellent problem-solving skills,
he couldn’t avoid being stabbed in the back. After that, Russell Group was on the verge of collapse and

couldn’t hold on much longer. He was so enraged that he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, was sent to
the hospital, and fell into a coma.

He passed away before the matters were solved.

After that, Russell Group fell into a slump for many years. They were in disarray.

Dexter had appeared at a crucial time when the company was in imminent danger.

Russell Group lacked a leader. History has always needed heroes, and Dexter was the hero the
company lacked.

At the time, he was an intelligent economics and management student, and countless girls worshipped
him. But he was a newcomer when he returned to the country and entered the market. He was like a
blank sheet of paper with little to no experience. Almost no one took notice of him..

But Dexter quickly attracted a lot of attention.

The first thing he did after coming into power was to purchase all the broken lots behind the scenes
anonymously. Along with the stocks he owned, he fired all the Russells in the senior internal
management before investing a considerable sum in attracting new blood.

This was his first step. After that, he did something suicidal. He reallocated resources.

To put it plainly, he broke up Russell Group and put it back together again.

When viewing the market broadly, few people had done such a thing because there were only two
results. One was to utterly fail and lose a family fortune, while the other was to rapidly rise from the

But, of course, Dexter was the latter.

Rising from the ashes was ideal, but the process was terrifying.

At the time. Dexter had faced various pressure and countless internal strife. He also had to think about
how to centralize his authority. He would be destroyed if he made a wrong move.

He made his way to the top before everyone started respecting him.

As he led Russell Group to the top, he was well-regarded.

Even eighteen-year-old Arnold knew that reallocating resources couldn’t be done casually. Only a bold
person would dare to do it. Dexter was such a person.

When Arnold thought about it, he gripped the corners of the document tightly. According to Dexter’s
working style, would he really be kind to a woman?

There was no way he would give up everything for one person.

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