That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 304

Who’s Outside?!

Josie was slighals frustrated and couldnt think of anyone who could do that Mr Barrett, do you trust me
some What if I was the one who plagiarized her?

Calvin’smiled “You’re not that kind of person”

Josie vighed

He passed her a pen I was a recording device. She’s meeting a man in Heaven on Earth today I’ve
found a way to replace the man and arranged un opportunity for you”

He worked methodically, and Josie immediately felt more at ease. “Thank you”

He waved his hand. You’re welcome”

Therefore, Josie stayed in Heaven on Earth the whole day. She told Dexter everything through text and
sounded slightly coy at the end. Why am I so unlucky?

He didn’t reply at once

She couldn’t hold back and called him, but he didn’t answer. However, she realized that his number
now had a Wavery area code.

Is he back?

Did he just get off the plane!

Josie didn’t dwell on it. Her mind was filled with what would happen at night.

At night. Claire arrived on time, as expected. It seemed like her first time meeting the man, and she had
her guard up. But shortly after, the two went into a private room together.

Calvin’s voice rang in Josie’s Bluetooth carphones. “She was going to meet with the head of a design
company. She wants to be hired.”

Josie felt disdainful. Claire always liked to play such games.

After around an hour, the man finally started to question her. Claire was inebriated and not fully clear-
headed, so some of her words were distorted. Josie had to guess what Claire was saying.

“Many companies will want to hire me after 1 win an award. You’re planning ahead by hiring me first.”

“How do you know that you’ll win an award?”

“Heh… because that wench is pretty good. Don’t worry. The organizing committee won’t find out.”

Josie was alarmed. It’s her!

“How did you get her design?” He steered the conversation.

“It’s… all thanks to that woman I thought she lied to me. I never thought she would really come

In an instant, Josie suddenly saw the light. It’s Laura… Yes. Only Laura could have approached me
and seen my design. She was even contemptuous when she saw it, but she did such a despicable

Caise repentesty wwned by name and called her nasty names

hot who was made, held the recording device tightly When the man was done questioning Claire, he

test her


Joe was wat on the spot and couldn’t come to her senses for a long time

Calviny w rang in het Bluetooth earphones You should leave.”

Joe was about to in and leave but perhaps her legs were weak because she was distracted She
subwww.ously hel

in the corner but lost commod The vase suddenly fell and shattered into proves hudly. The shattered
pieces tell everywhere and sut her hand I made her cry out in pain loudly

The loud noise awoke Claire, who had shut her eyes and was about to sleep. At that moment, she
wasn’t sleepy at all. She tore off her covers and got up before she asked the man, who was also
startled, “Who’s

She was immediately wary and seemed to have understood something. She got out of bed and ran

The man couldn’t stop her in time. Claire had opened the door viciously and was in disbelief as she
saw Josie panicked and standing on the spot.

Calvin was saying something urgently in Josie’s carphones. She covered her bleeding wrist, and she
was in a daze. Her mud was blank.

While Jose was in a dare, it was as though Claire saw her mortal enemy. She ran to Josie without
caring. alsout anything else.

“It’s you, you b*tch”

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