That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 314

White Underwear

Josie seemed numb and unresponsive, like a zombie.

She was still wide awake at dawn but was a little tired. Still, she did not feel sleepy at all..

On the other hand, Moses was exhausted. However, he did not show any annoyance toward Josie but
asked, “Would you like to have breakfast?”

Josie had no appetite. “You go ahead.”

She played with her phone for a long time before turning off airplane mode to call Arnold.

Arnold seemed to have just woken up and sounded hoarse. “Josie?”

Josie fell silent. She was unable to interact with him as she usually did.

“I would like to request your help.”

What Josie liked about Arnold was that he would not ask unnecessary questions. He agreed. readily.

“I want to investigate Laura and learn about her background and private life. At the same time, I want
evidence that she plagiarized my drawing. I will never let her escape,” Josie continued.

She stood in the fresh morning air and felt the mist against her skin. Although her voice was soft, it was
unmistakably determined.

Arnold fell silent.

Josie added, “I know you and her are considered allies, so you can choose to protect her. But if you’re
willing to help me, I will repay you. It’s your choice. Also, feel free to investigate Dexter.”

After listening to her, Arnold asked, “What happened between you and Dexter?”

Josie did not answer but closed her eyes and hung up.

Moses returned with a paper bag full of breakfast. Josie asked him to send her to the hospital. Upon
arriving at the hospital, she suddenly noticed something as she was about to exit the


It was stuffed in the corner of the seat.

The thing was white and had a lacy hem.

Josie’s hands shook. She could not believe what she found and asked, “Moses, where did you pick up
Dexter from yesterday.”

Moses appeared troubled. He pursed his lips and seemed apologetic. “I’m sorry. I’m not permitted to
reveal this.”

He could only watch as Josie pulled out a white bra from the corner of the seat. The bra looked sexy
and had a big cup size.

Moreover, Josie was sitting in the same spot Dexter usually sat.

Moses wanted to say something, but Josie pushed open the car door and ran out to vomit into a nearby

He remained stunned and did not know what to say.

The hospital was filled with the smell of antiseptic in the morning.

Josie sat before her father’s bed and appeared pale. She looked at him and said slowly, “Dad, I’m

There was no response except the beeping noises from the equipment.

It was still early, so Matthew had not come to work yet.

The nurse came to check on Josie’s father and was surprised to see her. “You’re here early.”

Josie nodded but remained silent. After another half an hour, Matthew came to check on her father and
frowned upon seeing her. “Jo? What’s wrong?”

He instantly noticed something unusual about her.

Then, he went to her and touched her forehead, but her temperature was normal.

“I’m fine. I just finished working through the night, so I thought to stop by to see Dad.”

Matthew’s eyes flashed with concern. “Don’t you have him? There’s no need to work that hard, right?
Your health is more important.”

Don’t you have him….

Josie replied tiredly, “Matt, do you also think I’m his arm candy?”

Matt was stumped. “I didn’t mean it that way.”

Josie smiled bitterly and shook her head. “Didn’t you say my father’s condition has improved a lot?
Why hasn’t he woken up yet?”

“He’s much better now, Josie. I believe he will wake up after a little more time.” Matthew glanced at the
man lying in bed and encouraged Josie. “Trust me. He will wake up soon.”

“Really? How soon?”

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