That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 307

I Will Hate You

Josie almost couldn’t breathe. “You knew about this carly on, and you knew Laura did it, right? But you
didn’t reply to my messages or tell me you were back in the country. What were you doing for the past
few days? Can you tell me?”

His face was ashen.

Is Laura so important? Or is someone else so important that you’re losing control like this? But Dexter, I
have my dignity too. How lowly do you think of me by saying such things?”

Her voice suddenly turned cold. “What if I don’t give it to you?”

He suddenly pushed her, and she fell against the wall. Her head fell back heavily, and she shut her
eyes, but she didn’t feel the pain she expected. It was soft. His hand was behind her head.

The man before her grew slightly more forceful, and his expression was dark. He pulled his hand away
and searched for hers. He suddenly asked, “I didn’t want you to go to Carter Group’s anniversary
celebration Why didn’t you listen to me?”

To her, he was changing the topic.

Josie kept quiet and put her hand behind her. She was determined not to give it to him.

Dexter was growing impatient. He held her hand and pulled at it. “You knew I didn’t like you meeting
with Arnold, but you still went, didn’t you? I personally saw you slap Claire. Isn’t that enough for you to

He was merciless, and Josie stumbled at his force. Her arm hurt, and she groaned subconsciously.

Dexter was taken aback by her whine, and his force decreased, but he didn’t let go.

Josie was suddenly angered and abruptly started struggling fiercely. She started pounding at him with
her hands and feet. Her gaze was livid as she screamed and cried, “Dexter Russell! Get lost! Don’t
touch me!”

Dexter held her in his arms and was displeased with her struggling. He lost control and accidentally hit
her jaw. He didn’t hit her hard, but the sound of it made the two stand at the spot, startled.

Dexter seemed to lose his temper and easily took the recording pen from her hands while she was

Josie felt utterly weak.

Dexter furrowed his brows. He felt great fear. The man didn’t know how to explain it to her. Anything he
said to her now would be considered a feeble excuse.

Josie stared at the recording pen in his hands, and her voice trembled. “If you take it away today, I will
hate you.”

The man trembled, and his grip subconsciously tightened.

He still took it with him in the end.

The tearful woman looked like a fragile porcelain doll under the light.

Josie sat paralyzed in the master bedroom of Mason Garden. Dexter’s secretary looked at her. “Don’t
take it to heart. Mrs. Russell. Mr. Russell has arranged for people to explain everything to the

committee. Everything is just a misunderstanding. You can still continue on in the competition.”

Josie sat on the floor and didn’t say a word. Her face was pale.

“Perhaps Mr. Russell is returning the favor since Ms. Brandel saved you. You know how it is.”

Josie still kept quiet.

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The secretary could only sigh. “We received some photos a few days ago of you and Mr. Carter on the
stairs in an intimate position. Mr. Russell was enraged when he saw it, but he didn’t tell you.”

Josie finally understood when she heard it. She looked up and sneered. “So, are you saying that he’s
taking his revenge?”


“When did he return to the country? I want the truth.”

The secretary was dumbstruck and put in a difficult spot. Two days ago.”

It seemed to be much earlier. “What did he do after coming back?”

I can’t say.”

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