That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 308

House Arrest

Josie shut her eyes and felt the pain of being deceived. She hugged her arms “You may leave

She was depressed for two days. Dexter didn’t return to Mason Garden either Josie wasn’t one to be
hard on herself, but she felt she was pushing herself too much. Perhaps she needed to do some soul-

She booked a flight ticket to the north.

But she didn’t manage to leave.

Many people were still at the Wavery airport late at night Josie was detained for no reason as she
passed through the security check. It attracted many people’s attention.

An airport staff rushed over apologetically and asked slightly embarrassedly. “Are you Ms. Warren?”

His superior had blown his phone up with calls in the middle of the night. He thought it was a crucial
case, but when he rushed to the scene, he discovered it was only to detain a woman.

Josie was indifferent.

“Ms. Warren, we might have to use force.”

The light in her clear eyes slowly dimmed. She said. “What if I insist on leaving?”

Insist? Can I stop her? Of course, I have to,

His superior had been in a panic. It was evident that Josie had offended someone of significant stature.
Perhaps she had committed a great offense.

Josie held her boarding pass tightly and didn’t hear what the man said. She was silent for a moment
before she turned to leave.

Outside the airport, she saw a Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 rush over silently. It came right at her. The
vehicle sped at her quickly, and Josie didn’t expect it. She stood on the spot and didn’t move. She
watched as the car drove toward her.

She only knew one man who dared to drive at such a speed.

The vehicle approached quickly. No one knew what Josie was thinking about at that time.

Just as the Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 was about to crash into her, the driver suddenly braked. The
wheels screeched loudly on the ground and made an unpleasant noise.

The incoming breeze swept Josie’s long hair. It was unavoidable, and she shut her eyes.

The car was less than seven inches away from her. She would have seen the pearly gates if the
vehicle had braked any later.

Josie forcefully restrained her trembling and opened her eyes. She looked into the calm and pitch-black
eyes of the driver.

The headlights of the Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 were so bright and piercing that it made her tear up.

She stood miserably in the light and had nowhere to hide.

Josie was basically put on house arrest.

It was one of Dexter’s tricks. His ways were impenetrable. He wouldn’t make a mistake on something
he had decided to do.

Like right now.

She was staying in the same house with the same people. Still, Josie and Dexter’s relationship had

It was the first time Josie was expressing such indifference. She went along with everything, but she
refused to speak.

The servants in Mason Garden could tell that Josie seemed demoralized about everything. It was as
though she had given up completely.

It wasn’t a good sign.

“Mrs. Russell, you have to eat something. A whole day has passed, but you haven’t eaten much. It’s
not healthy.” Mrs. Carroll stood by Josie’s side respectfully and persuaded her patiently. “Look at this. I
made it for you.”

Josie was lost in thought as she sat on the balcony. She had a blanket around her and looked down
expressionlessly at the approaching car. It was slow and not aggressive like that day.

She could still remember how the man had charged at her. If he had gone any faster, she would have
been killed.

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