That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 310

Interrupted Seduction

Josie’s heart was numb. Alice flipped through the pile of documents on her table. “You haven’t been to
the company for a few days. Did something happen at home?”

“Something like that.”

Alice noticed Josie seemed distracted and reminded softly, “Don’t forget. You need to bring these
documents to Mr. Russell for his signature.”

Josie closed her eyes and felt fatigued all over her body.

In the end, she made her way to the top floor. The secretary informed her that Dexter was not in.

Josie nodded and did not say anything. However, the secretary suddenly grabbed her wrist and
whispered, “Mrs. Russell, Mr. Russell is having a business meeting in this place. This document is
urgent, so please find him here.”

She stuffed a note into Josie’s hand. It was written with an address.

Josie frowned and tossed it into the bin. “I’m not going.”

The secretary was stunned and rendered speechless. She picked up the note from the bin and said,
“You must. It’s urgent.”

Josie looked into her eyes and ruffled her hair in frustration. She had no choice but to take the note and

It was a racy entertainment establishment. The music was loud, and many people were dancing.

Josie did not head straight to Dexter’s private lounge because she was unsure how to face him.
Instead, she went to the ladies‘ room to compose herself.

She placed her hand on the door and took deep breaths to calm herself down. Then, she tucked away
the stray strands on her forehead and looked up, stunned by the scene before her eyes.

The man troubling her thoughts for days was right before her.

His clothes were disheveled. Two of his shirt buttons were undone, revealing his well–defined
collarbone. His chest heaved with uneven breath.

A half–undressed woman with a seductive appearance clung to his body. She seemed on the verge of
forcing herself on him.

Dexter’s expression changed rapidly. He seemed crushed.

But Josie interpreted it as guilt.

Her heart sank to the lowest depth and turned cold.

Their gaze met. Their hearts were troubled by conflicting emotions.

The woman atop Dexter finally noticed something wrong and stopped what she was doing. She
gradually turned and saw Josie. “Who are you?”

No matter how calm josie was about catching her husband cheating, it was hard not to be shocked by

scene before her.

She felt as if struck by lightning.

Dexter’s expression was terrible. He looked grim and intimidating.

Josie sneered but did not say anything. She concealed her shocked expression and gradually
approached the stunned woman before helping her put her clothes back on. Her voice was calm and
relaxed as she buttoned the woman’s clothes. “It will be easier if you don’t wear a bra. Also, why did
you choose to do it in the washroom? It’s too risky. Won’t it be embarrassing if someone walks in?”

The woman trembled all over. It must have been her first time doing such a thing.

Josie felt warm tears on the back of her hand. She paused and stood up before facing the woman
calmly. “Will you be leaving on your own or…”

The woman ran out of the ladies‘ room before Josie could finish her sentence. She was afraid that
Josie would continue to mock her humiliating state.

It seemed she still cared about her dignity despite what she did.

Josie turned around slowly. There was not a hint of anger on her face. Instead, she smiled and asked,
“Are you okay?”

Dexter looked intimidating when he remained silent. His expression was grim and darkened like a sky
on the verge of a storm.

He did not say anything but glared at Josie. His gaze filled with unquestionable authority.

Then, he said gruffly, “Do you have nothing to say?”

Josie remained indifferent. There was none of the jealousy, anger, and distraught a wife should feel.
Instead, she looked into his eyes calmly. “I didn’t find any hickey on her body. I came here at the wrong


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