That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 315

You Can Always Rely on Me

Matthew pursed his lips and sensed her pressure. “Did something happen?”

Josie’s eyes became welled up with tears again.

She was on the verge of a mental breakdown. “I want to know how long exactly. I’ve been. waiting for
three, no, four years. Matt, how much longer do I have to wait.”

Dexter’s words replayed in her mind. He would stop her father’s treatment if she divorced him.

“Jo, Jo….” Matthew did not hold back and hugged her. “It will be soon. I’m telling the truth. You have to
trust me.”

Josie suddenly crumpled after having finally found someone she could rely on. She latched. onto
Matthew’s shirt hem and wept.

She was so exhausted that she could barely walk. Thus, Matthew brought her to his office and let her
rest on his couch. He guessed something had happened to her but did not dare ask.

Josie could not help but fall asleep. She seemed peaceful as she slept and looked adorable as a child.
Matthew watched her in a daze until the head nurse rushed in. “Dr. Sander…”

She stopped in her tracks. “Is she…”

Matthew stood up immediately. “Is there anything wrong? What’s the matter?”

“Yes, please sign this. The nurse was older and instantly understood the situation. She glanced at
Josie and said, “If I’m not mistaken, she’s married, right?”

Matthew’s expression turned grim. “Yes.”

The nurse sighed. “This is not proper.”

“My sister has a daughter. She is beautiful and attends medical school. Would you like me to introduce
her to you?”

“Forget it.” Matthew signed the form. “I’m not interested in going on a blind date.”

“Don’t keep pining for the impossible. A man like you can easily have any other woman. Please heed
my advice and let her go.”

As a bystander, she could see how this would end badly.

Matthew put

the pen away and seemed at a loss. “I can’t let go.”

Josie woke up in the afternoon and felt sore all over her body. She opened her eyes and saw Matthew
working at his desk. The sunlight shone on him, putting a halo over the crown of his head as if he were
an angel descended from above.

Matthew sensed her gaze and asked with a smile, “Why are you staring at me?”

Josie massaged her neck. “I wondered how it felt to be an angel that saves lives and heals the

“You should eat something. I ordered takeaway. The soup is still warm.” Matthew smiled and brought
the food over.

“I won’t be eating it. I don’t have any appetite.” Josie still seemed depressed. “I should leave. Matt,
thank you for letting me stay here.”

“Jo!” Matthew shouted after her. “You mustn’t face everything by yourself. You can come to me if you’re
in trouble. You can always rely on me.”

Josie smiled. His words were a shot of encouragement in her present state.

She did not return to Mason Garden but checked into a hotel. Surprisingly, Dexter did not. send anyone
to drag her home. He probably knew she could not leave Wavery and decided.

to let her be.

The sky darkened earlier at the beginning of spring.

However, the city remained busy. Time seemed to freeze as the long lines of cars stuck in the traffic
jam below.

The light in the hotel room was dim. Josie hugged her knees and sat before the bay window. Her hair
flowed down her shoulders and concealed half of her face. One could still see her beauty even under
the dim light.

Josie turned to the window and saw a vast expanse of scenery outside.

She suddenly recalled when she was angry with Dexter and went to a movie with Kevan. After leaving
the cinema, she used Dexter’s card to go on a shopping spree. Yet, he was not angry but raised her
credit limit. She even invited Arnold to the hotel to make Dexter jealous.

After everything, Dexter let her press him onto the bed and have her way with him. She was most
moved by him at that moment. It was because she could feel he cared for her, at least a little. (2)

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