That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 306

Taking the Recording Pen Away

The man raised his brows and said indifferently. “I saw your messages, so I came to pick you up

The two were slightly unfamiliar after not seeing each other for many days. “When did you come back?

Dexter straightened up Vestenlay”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Josie’s legs felt slightly weak.

She wanted to walk forward but lost her balance, and her body fell. The man narrowed his eyes, and
she fell sately into his strong arms the next moment.

They were dazed by such an intimate posture.

His body stiffened. Josie saw the buttons on Dexter’s shirt and felt aggrieved for no reason. She
pushed him away forcefully, expressing her defiance.

Dexter’s eyes darkened, and he held her tightly. He didn’t seem to want to let her go.

Josie panicked and said, “Dexter Russell!”

He said with a low voice, “Yes?”

At the next moment.

“Give me the recording pen.” She heard him speak.

It was as though she was splashed with ice-cold water.

Josie’s chest heaved. “Dexter, why do you insist on taking the recording pen?”

The man didn’t say anything.

She didn’t look away. She stared at Dexter. It was as though she could read his mind if she watched

The man looked to the side slightly.

His heart beat furiously when faced with Josic, who was on the verge of losing control. Various
emotions surged through him, and he was about to give up.

But he still said, “Give it to me.”

Josie didn’t move. She was trapped in his arms, and she trembled. “What kind of a relationship do you
have with Claire? Why are you protecting her?”

“Or do you mean to tell me that you’re protecting Laura? Why?”

Dexter’s lips moved, but Josie didn’t want to hear his answer. “Do you know what’s inside? It’s proof
that she framed me! Do you think I believe that you’re taking this to clear my name after what you

Dexter wasn’t good at explaining. He took a deep breath. “Just give it to me. I won’t harm you.”

Josie’s subconscious told her to trust him, but her gut told her she couldn’t.

“You won’t harm me? But you know that if I don’t publicize the recording, everyone will still belittle me

Taking the Recording Pen Away

regardless of my future achievements. They will think that I plagiarize habitually”

Her voice was strained as she screeched at him.

It was as though Dexter’s heart was pierced. He felt that he was losing her. He hugged her tightly and
wa slightly panicked. “No, they won’t. They won’t dare to

Therefore, he was protecting Laura, as she had expected

Josie’s throat felt dry Dexter Russell. Im your wife Your first wife. We’re not divorced yet. I thought you
understood me Even if you don’t have feelings for me, you should at least care for me a little, but what
are you forcing me to do now? You’re pushing me to the edge You’re making me give up my reputation
to protect another woman’s reputation.”

“Do I mean nothing to you? Am I just like a stray animal to you? You play with me when you want to,
then throw me away when you have no use for me. I’m inferior to other women.”

She shivered. It was as though she was freezing and trapped in a refrigerator.

Dexter’s emotions were all over the place. He knew that he couldn’t stand her talking about herself like
that. He didn’t like it. She sounded so miserable, as though the entire world had abandoned her.

“It’s not like that. You’ll have a better life. Laura messed up. Her life will be over if she’s exposed.”

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