That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 318

I Love You

Matthew focused on driving and did not speak.

“I’m a selfish person and have many flaws. People who get too close to me usually don’t end well. Matt,


Matthew pursed his lips as he listened to her. He placed a hand on his forehead and interrupted her.
“Do you remember the situation of our first meeting?”

Josie considered. “Yes, I worked in a bar then and got into a dispute with another girl. The dispute
turned physical, but thankfully, you arrived to restrain her… Otherwise, I could have ended up severely

Matthew smiled and replied, “I never get involved in strangers’ matters, so think again. Where else
have you seen me?”

Josie looked at his face and frowned. She could not remember anything. Then, she came clean. “I

“It was in a physics class at Wavery University. You rushed into the classroom with a cup of
Frappuccino. and bumped into me, spilling it all over me.” Matthew smiled as he recalled the past.

“We were in the same university?” Josie was surprised, but she could not remember anything. Then,
she asked, “What was my reaction?”

“You seemed distraught and gave me the cup with some Frappuccino left, saying it was a gift for me.
Then… You ran away. Matthew replayed the memory in his mind and could not help but smile with
amusement. “Later, I found out you’re the person who surpassed me and took first place in my major.”

Josie understood what he was talking about, but she had no memory of them. She ruffled her hair and
replied. “I was only lucky that time.”

“I didn’t expect us to be connected through so many things later.” Matthew looked at her and continued,
“I did not expect to remain in contact with you because of your father’s condition.”

Josie said, “I feel life should not have become like this. It feels like something went off the rail along the


Matthew asked, “What is your ideal life like?”

It was a good question. Josie smiled dreamily. “In my ideal life, my father would be healthy, and I would
have gone overseas to study design. My life would have taken a completely different turn. I would
travel to numerous countries to see the world and meet people from different walks of life. Perhaps we
would meet at a different place and time. We might have a drink before going our separate ways. There
wouldn’t have been so much entanglement…”

“What would happen next?”

What would happen next? Josie’s smile froze. Her mind suddenly went blank. She subconsciously felt
that the life she imagined did not interest her.

Matthew stopped the car once they arrived at the destination. He unfastened the seatbelt and turned to
Josie. His heart suddenly thumped nervously. Then, he said, “Josie, I felt fear when I listened to you
talking about your ideal life. Instead of yearning for the ideal life, I feel our life now is better. Despite all

the challenges and troubles, I’m thankful and glad to have met you”

Josie took a deep breaths and remained dazed for some time.


I prefer our life as it is. I will do my best to save your father so that it will make you feel that life is

“Why?” Josie was stunned.

“It’s because I love you.”

Josie pursed her lips and could not speak. Even now, there was only one man in her mind. That man


She could not imagine how her life would be without him. All she knew was that it would be dull. It
would not be as eventful as now and be filled with joys and disappointments.

But Matthew’s confession told her she was what he looked forward to in life.

She thought it would be unfair if she didn’t tell him the truth.

“Matt… I’m sorry. I’ve fallen in love with him.”

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