That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 316

A Friend from University

Perhaps her love for him made her feel elated whenever he was a little nice to her However, if he were
even slightly mean to her, she would wonder whether she had done something wrong

Thus, the yielded to him over everything and was constantly afraid that she would lose him anytime.

Unfortunately, Dexter would never understand such feelings. After all, she was not someone he

Josie waited for Arnold’s call for the next few days. However, all she received was Matthew’s invitation.

He invited her to meet at a revolving restaurant on top of a building. Josie searched for the table based
on the description in his message and soon saw him seated at a table with his back facing her. She
calmed her thoughts and slowly approached the table. Suddenly, she sensed something was wrong.
There was a woman seated opposite him.

Josie paused immediately.

The woman was petite and had a shy smile on her delicate face. While she was not considered
beautiful. her eyes were bright and charming.

Josie was stunned.

This woman was her best friend during university, Nancy Stewart.

Nancy was not originally from Wavery. She returned to Rivodia, her hometown, after graduation. They
each became busy with adult lives and gradually lost contact.

Nancy bit on the drinking straw and looked up to find Josie stunned at her spot. She called out softly,

Josie shut her eyes to stop herself from tearing up. As she walked to the table, Matthew stood up and
looked at her apologetically. “Jo, you seem down lately. I happened to see your friend’s comment on
Facebook and asked her to see you. Please don’t be angry.

He intended well.

Josie smiled. I’m not angry.”

“Jo, Nancy called her name tentatively.

Josie turned to her with a genuine smile. “Nancy, it’s been a long time.”

She sat beside her and patted her hair. “What brings you to Wavery? Are you here alone?”

Nancy instinctively glanced at Matthew and seemed concerned about something. “Yes, I’m a high
school teacher…. but it’s not a school in Wavery.” She added the latter part for clarification.

Josie was surprised. “A teacher?”

Nancy smiled and explained, “I later decided to study hard… but I’m still far from your level. The tutor
always liked to talk about how brilliant you were back then.”

Matthew saw her smile and was glad that he had called Nancy here.

The waiter soon served the food. Matthew took Josie’s bowl and filled it with soup. Then, he placed it
before her and said. “You look pale. Are you not feeling well?”

Matthew spoke gently and comfortingly, calming Josie’s frustration instantly. She rested her head on
her propped hand and answered, “Yes, a little.”

Matthew frowned. “What happened?”

Josie looked down.

Matthew did not relax his frown. “Jo, I want to know why your mood changed so drastically. Did
something happen?”

Josie remained silent. She did not want to talk about it.

“It’s not the time to talk about this. Let’s eat.”

Nancy noticed something wrong halfway through the meal and left the table with Josie with the excuse
of going to the washroom.

A Friend from University.

Her glory during her university days was all in the past.

Josie sighed and believed Nancy had probably let go of the matter. At least she was able to talk about
the topic calmly.

Then, Josie and Nancy talked about their present lives. Josie mentioned she recently faced slander
and plagiarism. Nancy slapped the table furiously and nearly jumped up from her seat. “How dare they
do this. to you!”

Josie smiled and was touched by her concern.

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