That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 313

Threaten Her

Dexter looked at her and nodded slightly.

Suddenly, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her out by force. Moses was waiting before the car. He
was so stunned by the sight that he did not notice ashes falling off his cigarette.

Josie tried to break free but was helpless as he was stronger than her. He opened the door, pushed her
into the car, and shut it immediately. The door slammed shut loudly.

Josie fell onto the backseat and felt pain in the back of her head.

Dexter suddenly pulled out an envelope. It contained a thick stack of photos. Then, he pulled out one
by one and said, “You think I don’t know. I have photos from your first meeting with him till now. Do you
need me to refresh your memories?”

He threw the photos at Josie. The sharp edges scratched her face, causing the wound to bleed.

Josie picked up the photos and found that Dexter was right. He knew everything and was aware of all
her meetings with Arnold..

“You stalked me?” Josie looked up in astonishment.

“Why would I do that?” Dexter sneered and leaned close to grip her chin. “You are nothing but an
accessory to me. Why would I bother sending someone to follow you? You think too highly of yourself.”

He understood her so well that he knew what to say to hurt her the most.

Josie looked at him and shuddered all over her body.

“Arnold had always arranged for someone to send the photos to me after your every meeting with him,”
Dexter said uncaringly, causing her to break down quickly. “Do you know why he did it? Arnold and I
have been rivals for many years. Everything he did was to hurt me. That’s why he approached you.”

“Josie, it’s not good to take yourself too seriously.”

Dexter was an expert in striking people where it hurts. All her defenses were useless against him.
Tears fell against her will. She shoved Dexter away and screamed, “What am I to you? A tool? You
knew I had met him, yet you said nothing. Did watching me running around for you make you feel

There was no escape from the cramped interior. Dexter glared at her in the darkness with eyes filled
with hatred and disdain.

His words became even harsher in his disappointment. “He won’t be interested in anyone I discarded,
so I advise that you stop dreaming about becoming Mrs. Carter. I’m telling you this out of good

You call that good intention?

Dexter had long driven her to a mental breakdown. She screamed, “Why don’t you kill me. Dexter? You
might as well kill me!”

Dexter was shrouded with hostility. He opened the door and let the cold wind rush in, causing Josie to

Without looking at him, she said, “I will send you the divorce agreement.”

Dexter paused but did not turn around. “Whatever. You can do that if you want your father’s. treatment
to stop.”

He slammed the door again. Josie shuddered, and her lips were pale.

Moses must have received his order and cautiously got onto the driver’s seat. He did not dare to look
at the backseat. “He… He told me to send you home.”

Moses turned around when Josie did not respond even after some time. Suddenly, Josie said, “I’m not
going home.”

Moses frowned. “It’s not the time for you to throw a tantrum. You stand no chance against him.”

Anyone could see that, but Josie refused to heed his word. “I’m not going home. Didn’t you hear?”

Moses had nothing to say.

“Take me on a drive.”

Moses could not kick her out of the car. He had no choice but to drive around Wavery. They spent the
whole night traveling all over Wavery. All this while, Josie leaned against the car window in a daze and
watched the sceneries pass.

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