That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 319

Make Him Give Up

Josie saw Matthew’s expression gradually turn grim, but he soon appeared normal again.

“I know.”

Josie was surprised by his response. “You knew?”

Matthew rested his dominant hand on the steering wheel and seemed exhausted. “Jo, there’s probably
no one in the world who understands you better than I do. That includes him. I have witnessed your joy.
anger, and tears for three years. You are terrible at hiding your emotions.”

He understood her too well. Josie knew it was pointless to put up a front before him. She had no choice
but to show him her true self.

“When did you find out?”

Matthew smiled bitterly and looked at the setting sun. “It’s in your eyes whenever you look at him.”

Josie thought she hid it well. In actuality, her affection for Dexter was so evident that any bystander
could see it.

Silence followed. Josie looked down and said, “I’m sorry. Honestly, I knew you had feelings for me
since -long ago.”

Matthew smiled slightly. “How did you know?”

She did not want to tell him that it was Dexter who kept reminding her.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. You only can’t return my feelings. That’s nothing to apologize for,”
Matthew replied without looking at her. His hands shook slightly on the steering wheel. “Is he good to


“Good?” Josic muttered, “Sometimes, he’s so good to me that it feels like he’s willing to bring down the
stars for me. However, when he’s mean…” He could be cruel.

“A prominent man like him must have plenty of ways to deal with someone. Matthew was a good judge
of human character. He pitied Josie and felt helpless about her situation.

Josie could not deny that Dexter had many methods at his disposal if he wanted to punish someone.
Still, he had not done anything to her. However, even his scolding was enough to make her depressed.

“Jo, you need to take good care of yourself. Let me handle the matters concerning your father, okay?”
Matthew patted her shoulder and encouraged her. “You can call me whenever you need my help”

Josie retreated from him. “Matt, I’m sorry. This would be unfair to you. I shouldn’t do this. Let’s not meet
outside the hospital from now on.”

Manhew’s hand hovered in the air. His gaze seemed even more forlorn than before.

I only see you as my brother. Furthermore, you deserve a good woman by your side. That woman is


Josie opened the door and left.

The best way to make someone give up was to cut off all contact.

Josie knew it was cruel to do this, but she was unsure whether she could avoid taking advantage of his
feelings for her.

Her conscience could not bear it.


Four days had passed since Josie spoke to Arnold, but he still had not contacted her. She could not
stand not doing anything while waiting and decided to return to Russell Group.

The employees in the design department were used to her coming to work late. As the superior, she
had freedom in choosing when to go to work. However, that did not stop people from discussing her.
They wondered why she had recently become careless about work and behaved as if she did not fear

Josie’s phone rang while she reviewed a project during the daily meeting. She glanced at the screen
but did not answer it. However, everyone stared at her curiously, so she had no choice but to excuse
herself. She answered the call before she could get out of the meeting room.

“The first prize?” Josie whispered in disbelief.

Alice could not resist her curiosity and leaned closer to listen in. “Is it the first prize for Interior Design

Those words sent the meeting room buzzing with excitement. “My goodness!”

Josie is the first prize winner for this year?”

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