That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 325

Prison Visitation

“Hey!” The secretary immediately glanced outside. “Don’t ever let Mr. Russell hear this.”

The colleague became silent and asked cautiously. “But I don’t understand. What happened to Ivy?
What was her mistake that Mr. Russell made her leave?”

The two looked at a photo of Dexter and Ivy. Neither could understand why Ivy was placed on
compulsory leave. Being on mandatory vacation may seem good, but it was only one step away from
being fired from her position.

“I don’t know. It’s better not to question some things.”

Arnold brought Josie to the cafe he went to just now. The shop owner’s expression brightened when he
saw Arnold return with a woman. “Mr. Carter, is she.”

“Bring us a pot of green tea.”

“Sure,” he replied, eyes still fixed on Josie.

The café’s private lounge was decorated in antique style. One could see the heavy traffic on the street.
-outside. Josie was distracted. “Why did you bring me here? I want to return to Russell Group now.”

“To find the traitor?” Arnold poured her a cup of tea. It was still piping hot.

“Yes. Josie glanced at him.

“You believe it’s an insider’s job?”

“Only the staff in the design department had access to my drawings.”

“Even if one of the staff in the design department did it, they would have deleted the surveillance
record. So, what’s the point of going there?” Arnold calmly exposed the flaws of Josie’s plan.

He’s right. I won’t be able to find anything in the surveillance record.

Josie calmed down and considered who in the design department hated her. She could think of a few,
but they were petty rather than vicious. Furthermore, Alice was the only person who knew Josie had
joined the Interior Design Award.

She could not help but worry and turned on her phone to see how the post had spread. However, she
tapped into Twitter and found the post gone. No one seemed to be discussing the matter.

Josie frowned and logged out before logging in again. There was still nothing-

“Give me your phone.”

Arnold took out his phone and placed it in her hand.

Josie searched for the post again but could not find it.

“The trending topic is gone. Josie muttered in shock.

“The discussion endangered Russell Group, so the public relations department managed to remove it.”

Arnold realized what had happened. “It meant Russell Group still wanted to protect you.” He observed
her expression closely.

But Josie believed it was more than that. She would not have noticed if not for Russell Group’s action
She realized the reason Dexter insisted on hiding the matter was not to protect her from public
criticism. Instead, it was to prevent her from finding out the actual perpetrator.

The phone suddenly vibrated in her hand. A few messages popped up.

It’s prison visitation day tomorrow. Will you be going again?”

‘Can you bring some summer clothes to your father? The weather is getting warm.”

Josie glanced at the messages and suddenly recalled she was holding Arnold’s phone. She was
surprised and quickly handed the phone to him.

“I’m sorry.”

Arnold glanced at the screen and did not seem to mind. “When we met in the north of the city
previously, I was visiting someone in prison.”

Josie frowned and suddenly understood what Dexter had said before. She mentally calculated the days
and realized it was about time for him to visit again.

“Was the person your father?”

“Yes, he was sentenced to imprisonment for twenty years.

Twenty years was a lot. Josie sipped some tea to calm her nerves before asking. “Was it a criminal

“He was charged with financial fraud. Arnold’s gaze darkened as he played with his phone.

Financial fraud cases were complicated. Moreover, for a wealthy family like Arnold’s, such a crime
would permanently ruin their reputation.

Josie did not ask other questions. She rested her chin on her hands. “Arnold, is this why you’re against

Arnold was surprised and looked at her solemnly. “Do you know the whole story?”

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