That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 322

Asking to Borrow Money

“You should eat something “Josie placed the sliced steak before Laura but did to explain why she did
that “You will face a lot more challenges from now on. How are you to face them if you won’t

Laura looked at her suspiciously. “You’re strange. Josie. Stop pretending to be nice. Don’t you hate

“Honestly, I don’t,” Josie answered frankly. She did detest Laura a bit, but it was only because she
mistook Laura slandered her for plagiarism. Other than that, she had no reason to hate her.


“Apart from your self-inflated ego, unreasonableness, and arrogance, you are actually quite kind.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself injured to save me.” Josie smiled. “Perhaps you’re a bit
dumb, but I don’t hate pretty bimbos.”

Laura’s expression darkened slightly. She could not tell whether Josie was complementing or mocking

“You’re the dumb bimbo!”

Josie rested her face on her hand. “If you’re unsure how to handle hospital matters, call me. I might not
know much about other things, but I have dealt with hospital matters for years. So, I know a thing or
two about every department in the hospital.

Laura reluctantly ate some food. Suddenly, Josie did not seem as annoying to her as before.

“Are you trying to show off?”

“Miss, who would want to show off about hospital matters?” Josie retorted in disbelief.

Laura was stumped. She paused briefly, saying, “Can you not tell Dex about my situation?”

Josie choked upon hearing her. “I don’t have to say anything. He probably already knows…”

Laura widened her eyes in realization before smiling bitterly. “You’re right. Everyone in Wavery
probably already knows.”

It was a harsh world and materialistic world. Everyone who had flattered Laura turned on after her
family became bankrupt. She must have suffered from their disdain and abandonment.

Later, Josie went outside to wait for her ride. Laura remained in the restaurant and looked at her from
the window. Her gaze seemed dazed.

She gripped her phone and hesitated for a long time before dialing a number. The call rang for a long
time before someone answered, “Hello?”

Laura took a deep breath before saying. “Is it okay if I borrow some money from you?”

A blue Cayenne arrived to pick her up. Her expression changed slightly as she saw the car.

The driver came out to open the door for her. “Ms. Warren, please come in.”

Josie hesitated briefly and was not sure how she should face the man.

Asking to Borrow Money

Arnold wore a black shirt and was engrossed in reading a newspaper. He seemed a perfect image of


He glanced at her and smiled. “Seems like I don’t have to buy you lunch.”

Josie looked at him firmly. “Is this why you didn’t respond for so long?”

Hearing her, Arnold folded the newspaper and set it aside. The Brandel family had deep pockets, but
most of their wealthy had been squandered in recent years. Laura knew nothing about it. She’s like a
younger sister that I’ve watched growing up. I have to give her a hand”

His words made Laura seem like the bad guy.

“Also, she has nothing to do with what happened to you in the competition.”

The car traveled steadily. Josie looked out the window, but the spring scenery gave her no comfort.

“Are you and Dexter biological brothers? Otherwise, how did information travel between you two so
soon?” Josie said mockingly.

However, Arnold was not angry. He crossed his legs and replied, “I have people in Heaven on Earth.”
In other words, he already knew everything.

His directness rendered Josie speechless. She glared at him and said, “Aren’t you afraid I would reveal


“You can tell anyone you want.” Arnold laughed.

His laughter angered Josie so much that she desperately wanted to wipe the smug look off his face.

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