That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 329

Being the Mistress

Laura suddenly recalled who she was and looked at her.

Meanwhile, Josie heard noises and was about to leave the inner room. However, she noticed Laura’s
hand gestures to her and kept silent.

Laura watched the person take out a red ring box froin her pocket. She approached Laura and opened
it “I woke up this morning and found it on the bedside table. I imagine you will need it today, so I did not
delay and brought it here. Would you like to check it?”

The woman was clever with her words and quickly outlined a narrative that stirred people’s curiosity.

She obviously had no plan to explain but added suggestively, “Don’t tell Zach about me being here. He
would be angry if he knew.”

The ring box contained a men’s ring. Laura bought it on her own. Although it was not expensive, Zach
cherished the ring when she gave it to him.

Laura stood still. Josie looked at her and thought she would be furious. Unexpectedly, she accepted the
ring from the woman and thanked her politely. “Thank you for coming over. You could have called me,
and I would have gone to you to collect it.”

-Josie was astounded by Laura’s calmness. Her past self would have torn the woman to shreds by

“You should know that he can’t stand loneliness. Do you think he will see me again after you marry
him? Honestly, I don’t mind being his mistress.” The woman smiled smugly.

Josie was stunned by what she heard. Why are all the mistresses so shameless these days?

However, Laura remained unmoved. “Sure, I suppose you will come to show off again.”

The woman left.

Josie came out of the inner room nervously, but Laura still showed no hint of sadness. “About just

Zach came in before Josie could speak further. She immediately fell silent.

He said, “Laura, ihe wedding is about to begin. It might get tiring later.”

Laura gave

him the ring. “You have been searching for this for days. Someone brought it here just now. Don’t you
think you should explain?”

Josie did not expect Laura to be so direct about the matter.

Zach was stunned. He looked down and accepted the ring before wearing it on his ring finger. Im sorry.
She called me over that day. I was careless and left it there. It won’t happen again.”

Laura smiled.

After Zach left, Josie held Laura’s arm and asked, “Why weren’t you angry?”

“What’s the point of being angry?” Laura replied. “I’m not in the position where I can afford to be angry
with him.”

Zach and Laura’s parents did not show up for their wedding.

Being the Mistress

Laura walked down the aisle alone and stood beside Zach. It was supposed to be a moving scene, but
Josie thought it looked tragic. She looked at the honest-looking man strangely and sensed he was not
as nice as he portrayed himself.

“Why does it feel like she had gone out of the frying pan and into the fire?” Josie muttered softly.

Arnold was peeling an orange beside her. “It would be nice if you had thought like this before marrying


Josie did not hold back from slapping his arm in anger. “Shut up if you have nothing nice to say.”

However, Arnold smiled lovingly and stuffed a slice of orange in her mouth. “Don’t worry. At least Zach
will help her resolve her crisis.”

Meanwhile, a man seated adjacent to them watched the scene unfold. His secretary stood beside him
and said nervously, “Mr. Russell, should I

“Let her be, Dexter ordered sternly and stared at them. His gaze darkened as he sipped wine.

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