That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 330

Uncontrolled Rage

The sky gradually darkened. Zach thoughtfully requested the guest stay the night and arranged their

After a busy day, Josie trudged exhaustedly to her room, She looked up and was stunned.

Unexpectedly. Dexter moved much faster and grabbed her shoulder. He kicked open the door and
embraced her soft figure to himself.


Her breath tasted the same. He hugged her and felt he had found the missing piece of the emptiness in
his heart.

Dexter kept his arms wrapped tightly around her. It was so tight that Josie could barely voice the word


Josie realized it was Dexter and stopped struggling. She whispered angrily, “Dexter, have some self-
restraint. I will make you pay if you dare to do anything to me!”

Dexter did not let go but tilted her chin. “What makes you so confident that I want to do something

Josie raised her voice. “Let me go right now!”

Dexter recalled scenes of her with Arnold and suddenly lost some of his confidence.


He restrained her, fearing she would escape. Then, he whispered through clenched teeth. “Looking at
how afraid you are, it feels like a waste if I don’t do something.”

His words sent a chill down her spine.

Dexter gulped. He had not seen her body for a long time. His eyes blazed with desire as blood flowed
to his loin.

He leaned down to kiss her. Josie refused to cooperate and struggled with all her might. “Dexter! I’ll sue
you for assault!”

“Are you confident you can win the lawsuit?”

Dexter undid his belt, sending a clear noise into the silent night. His whole body was shrouded with an
intimidating masculine aura as he pushed her onto the bed, making her ashamed.

Josie struggled and screamed until her voice broke, but Dexter did not care.

He kissed her forcefully and left trails of hickeys in his wake.

However, he did not expect Josie to cry. Drops of tears fell from her eyes like a broken string of pearls.

Dexter stiffened.

At the same time, Arnold’s voice sounded outside the door. He said jokingly. “Good evening, it’s room


Josie lay in bed with her long hair splayed all around her head. She glared at Dexter with tears in her

before suddenly raising her voice. “Help..

Dexter’s expression turned fierce. He immediately covered her mouth and muffled her voice.

Josie refused to give up and bit him. However, she could only bite a small part of his skin. His hand
over her mouth made every bite difficult.

Likewise, Dexter refused to give in, and they continued to struggle against each other.

Arnold called out again, but no one answered.

A few of Dexter’s shirt buttons had come undone, revealing his smooth skin. He did not remove his
pants but left them hanging from his waist. Moreover, he was panting slightly and seemed unusually

Arnold sensed something was off and paused briefly. In the end, he decided to leave to protect her

Dexter finally stood up and released her. He went to the bathroom.

Josie closed her eyes and could not shake off the oppressing feeling. She rolled sideways until she fell
off the bed. Then, she breathed slowly, trying to calm down. It felt like she had narrowly escaped death.

The following morning, Josie woke up to find Dexter had left. She packed her things and got ready to
leave the hotel.

After checking out of her room, the receptionist looked at her and checked the registry. “Is your
surname Warren?”

“Is something wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m sorry, I just thought you looked familiar. The receptionist smiled. She wore a badge
that stated ‘Olsen Group.

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