That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 326

Marriage of Convenience.

Josie understood something. “I was right then” She stood up and went to the window. Her back profile
seemed melancholic. “I should have listened to you and not trusted Dexter. Unfortunately, it’s to

She could not see his face from her position. On the other hand, Arnold sipped some tea and give you
some money. Can you help me pass it to Laura?


“Why won’t you give it to her yourself?”

“I’m granting you a favor, Ms. Warren Arnold lazed in his chair and smiled nonchalantly.

Josie leaned toward him. Her hair swayed before his nose. She said. “Mr. Carter, please me.”

“I’ve been doing that all this while.”

Later, Josie returned to her hotel and was informed by the receptionist that someone upgraded her

to a suite.

Josie stood before the floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked the city. She knew Arnold did

He always cared for her, but Josie was unsure whether she could trust him.

She considered herself a selfish person. Ever since she witnessed Dexter’s true colors, she decided
not to.

Once Arnold transferred the money to Josie’s account, she invited Laura to meet. Then, she brought up
the matter straight away. “You’re probably short on money Arnold told me to transfer the money to you.
It should help you deal with urgent needs temporanly?”

Laura looked unwell. She shrank further into her chair, but her gaze was calm. “It’s a lot. I can’t accept

“Seems like you still have some pride. However, as someone who experienced something similar, your
future will be even more difficult.”

Laura suddenly looked into her eyes. “Josie. Dex also transferred money to me last night.”

Josie did not expect to hear his name suddenly and looked down instinctively.

“Do you know why they’re helping me?”

Josie shook her head.

“It’s because their common enemy owned the project my father invested in. Thus, they had no choice
but to sacrifice the insignificant Brandel family. That’s why they are helping me. It’s considered

Josie suddenly noticed an aura of exhaustion and despair on Laura. After all, Laura was a wealthy
young lady until recently. She had witnessed the ugly side of the business world overnight and knew
there were no true friends in this world.

Josie opened her mouth in shock upon knowing the truth. No wonder Arnold refused to meet her

“I don’t blame them” Laura smiled bitterly. “Josie, I feel envious of you sometimes. At least you married
a competent man.”

Envious? Josie considered silently. Her life was not as perfect as Laura thought.

Marriage of Convenience

“By the way, I want to tell you I’m getting married next week. You should come to my wedding” Laura
casually dropped the news before taking her bag and leaving

Josie was stunned. Wedding? Next week? That’s too soon!

“It’s a marriage of convenience to the son of the Olsen family. He had always been interested in her.”
Arnold bent over a canvas in his office in Carter Group. He was focused on painting it..

Josie was astounded by the speed at which Arnold received the news. “Which Olsen family?”

“Is there any other Olsen family in Wavery?”

Josie fell silent and suddenly recalled that the Olsen family was one of the most prominent families in
the business world. It was also Summer’s family. Summer was the woman that caused trouble for
Arnold and Dexter.

“What’s his name?”

Arnold stood straight and answered, “The Olsen family has two children. The son is called Zach. He is
Summer’s brother.”

Josie had heard about him but did not know much. She realized once again that marriage could be
treated. so casually.

“What do you think? Want to attend the wedding with me next week?”

Josie looked at him incredulously. “You ruined her family. How do you dare to show your face?”

Arnold appeared innocent. Im not the only one going. Dexter will go too. You can’t just scold me and
not him.”

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