That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 332

Blood Donation

Andy didn’t even dare to look after hearing the harrowing description of Arnold’s injury just now.

A nurse walked out of the operating room and asked anxiously, “The patient has lost too much blood
and is gradually losing consciousness. We’re running out of time to get blood supply. Does anyone
here have type B blood?”

The man sitting beside Josie shook his head while Josie was shaken out of her daze. She looked at the
nurse and asked, “Is his situation this critical?”

The nurse was a hot-tempered person and flared up at once. “What do you mean? Do you think I’m
pulling a joke with you about his situation?”

Josie’s heart was pounding as she reached out her arm in a panic and mumbled, “My blood type is B.”

The nurse was startled briefly before grabbing Josie’s hand and headed hurriedly to draw blood.

The nurse brought Josie to a small ward and swiftly rolled up Josie’s sleeve to apply a tourniquet.
While the nurse was preparing, Josie stared blankly at her and asked, “Will he die?”

The nurse was still upset about Josie’s previous question and answered grumpily. “He stayed in an
enclosed space for too long. He might die of suffocation if he was admitted to the hospital later. He’s
also experiencing excessive blood loss as a result of being stabbed by a dagger in the car.”

The nurse slowly inserted the needle after locating Josie’s vein. “Take deep breaths. It might sting

Josie gritted her teeth and endured the pain.

“Who would place a dagger in their own car? He’s bringing this upon himself!”

The stinging sensation remained as blood was drawn out of Josie’s body. She nibbled her bottom lip
and muttered. “Yeah. He deserves it.”

Josie’s countenance gradually turned pale after three hundred milliliters of blood was drawn out. The
nurse stopped and said, “That’s enough.”

Josie grabbed the nurse and shook her head. “Please extract more. What if it’s not enough?”

The nurse drew another one hundred milliliters of blood and rejected Josie’s request. She sent her out
of the ward and said, “Your life will be at risk if we continue drawing more blood. Please take some

Then, the nurse rushed into the operating room.

Andy returned with some milk and candy. He guided Josie to sit down and passed some food to her.
“Please have some, Ms. Warren.”

Three hours later, Arnold was pushed out of the operating room.

Josie stood on her toes and observed Arnold, who lay motionlessly on the bed, through the window.
The man was ashen-faced, unlike his usual spirited self.

The doctor was talking to Andy at the side. “We’ll keep him under observation in the ICU for two days.
He can be transferred to the normal ward after he regains consciousness.”

“Miss Warren,” Andy spoke up nervously.

Tll stay here the next two days bun won’t meddle with other affairs”

Andy heaved a sigh of relief and hummed, “Okay”

Josie continued sitting outside the ICU. Her phone and laptop soon ran out of battery Andy w
centraised her and pared back and forth as he made multiple calls to handle Arnold’s affairs

He gave a huge sum of money to the kind man, but the man was upright and refused to accept it
Nonetheless, Andy was principled, too, and insisted.

He instantly blocked the news so no one could spread rumors about the incident

The doctor checked in on Arnold twice the first night, but Arnold had not awakened.

When the nurse

her mask ever sine

redress Arnold’s wound, she became curious about Josie, who had not removed

So, she sat down and asked Josic, “Are you the patient’s girlfriend

Josie arch her brows and reckoned the nurse had never read entertainment ne

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