That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 334

Ten Million

Arnold had not expected Josie to stay by his side unconditionally for two days and asked the nurse to
tell him the complete story before he could confirm it. Besides being surprised, he was also touched.

After confirming that Arnold was fine, Josie returned to the hotel and charged her phone. Thereafter,
she slept like a log for the rest of the day. The next morning when she woke up, her mind was foggy.
She called for room service and ordered a plain porridge with extra salt.

Then, she went to the bathroom and soaked herself in the bathtub. Sinking into deep thoughts, she
repeatedly questioned her intentions,

Later, she returned to the hospital with a thermos filled with porridge. After the lift reached the floor
where Arnold’s ward was located, Josie walked out of the lift to see a crowd gathering outside his ward.
Her heart jolted, thinking Arnold’s incident had been exposed.

When she walked closer, the nurse told her that those people were the family members of the man who
saved Arnold.

“He’s a kind man. He refused to accept the money and insisted on returning it. He even brought a
group of people along to thank Arnold and reject his offer. The crowd appeared to be overbearing.

Leaning against the bed, Arnold asked Andy, “Is he the man who saved me?”

Andy nodded in a quandary.

Arnold was a reasonable person and would certainly express his gratitude to his lifesaver. Giving
money was a form of expressing his gratitude. However, he was confused by the scene.

“How much did you give him?” Arnold asked.

At the same time, the nurse asked Josie, “Do you know how much they gave the man?”

Andy gestured with his finger in a servile manner. Ten million.”

“Ten million.” Josie, too, answered honestly.

Arnold had no objections, knowing his life was worth more than ten million. They deserve it. Even ten
billion is not an issue.

The nurse was so flabbergasted that she almost slumped onto the ground. She finally understood why
the benevolent man insisted on returning the money.

The man so happened to save Arnold, but who would have expected such a windfall?

Initially, the man received the bank card from Andy out of resignation. Little did he expect to see the
huge sum of money when he checked the balance at the ATM. Astonished, he decided to return the
bank card after discussing it with his family.

It was ten million for crying out loud, so the man thought Andy might have made a mistake.

“It wasn’t a mistake. The amount is for you. Thanks for saving me.” Arnold was grateful toward the
man, but he sounded domineering. Ten million is not much and can only afford you a better house in
the city center. Please accept it.”

“No, no. I can’t take it. I didn’t save you for any returns,”

Just take it.” Josie walked into the ward. “This fool has plenty of money. He’ll be upset if you reject it”

The man was surprised to see Josie while Arnold’s gaze softened. “What’s that?” He asked.

Josie replied sulkily, “Poison.”

Arnold didn’t mind her attitude at all. He took over the thermos and opened it. “Did you make this
porridge? You’re a good cook”

“It’s from the hotel. You’re overthinking it.”

There was a moment of silence in the ward. Only Josie dared to speak to Arnold in such an attitude,
yet Arnold was not irritated.

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