That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 327

The Wedding

Josie remained silent.

Dexter had not appeared before her for days. She tried hard not to think about him but kept failing

“What kind of relationship will we be going as?” Josie forced a smile. She hoped Arnold stopped
sending photos of their meeting to Dexter. She kept sensing he was not as bad as she thought.

Arnold paused his paintbrush and considered earnestly. “What about attending as my girlfriend?”

Josie frowned. “You seem to enjoy doing immoral things”

He smiled and tapped his paintbrush on her forehead, leaving a red dot. “Having Dexter’s wife as my
girlfriend will be exciting.

Josie was rendered speechless. This man is insane.

Being wealthy meant one could easily arrange a wedding in less than a week. At the same time, the
whole of Wavery knew Laura would marry Zach.

On Monday, Josie and Arnold arrived at the hotel. She exited the car and found the place vaguely
familiar. She searched around for clues but was still confused.

This place was a private residence and likely one of the Olsen family’s private residential properties. It
seemed the site was only used for grand occasions.

Josie found the place familiar. At the same time, she was sure that she had never been there before.

“What are you thinking?” Arnold stood beside her and whispered. He wore a dark blue suit.

Josic came to her senses. “It’s nothing.”

She heard someone opening and closing a car door nearby. It was Dexter. He attended the wedding as
Arnold expected.

He wore a well-tailored suit that accentuated his perfect figure. As he wrote his name on the register,
one could see his gorgeous side profile. His face looked as if carved by a master artist.

Once Josie looked away, Dexter stood straight and glanced in her direction. His gaze was indifferent.
He walked into the venue without uttering a word.

Josie also had an emotionless expression.

Neither seemed to care about the other.

Zach stood at the door to welcome the guests. He looked mild-mannered and accommodating and did
not seem like the heir of a wealthy family.

“Arnold, wow! You brought a girlfriend.“ Zach extended his hand to Arnold.

“It’s your wedding. Of course, I’ll show up. What do you think? She’s pretty, right?” Arnold held Josie’s
shoulder. “She even knows Laura”

“Oh!” Zach was surprised. “I didn’t know you’re Laura’s friend. She’s still in the dressing room. You can
head there to see her.

Josie nodded and glanced at the surrounding from the corner of her eyes. The place was grand, but
she had not seen any older people there. It seemed only young people attended the wedding.

Once they entered the venue, Josie asked softly, “Has the person you’re looking for returned?”

Arnold did not answer her question directly. He held her shoulder more firmly and glanced in a direction
like a tiger waiting to pounce on its prey.

“What’s wrong, my dear girlfriend? Are you jealous?”

He’s having too much fun acting the role. Josie glared at him before excusing herself to go to the

She headed to the washroom and took quite some time to find her way. The male and female
restrooms. were side by side. Josie soon noticed a familiar figure in the male restroom. Still, she was
not too surprised to see him there.

Josie approached stealthily and pushed away her thoughts as she stood opposite Dexter,

He placed his hands in his pockets and appeared expressionless.

There was no one around at this moment. Josie calmed down and looked at him closely.

He seemed more tired than usual. At this moment, he looked like an entrepreneur who held the
livelihood of many people in his hand.

Meanwhile, Josie was alone and had no one accompanying her. That made her feel intimidated and

reluctant to talk to Dexter.

She tried to walk past him, only for him to grab her wrist.

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