That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 324

Loss of Trust

Strangely, Josie became calmer as she read on. Even though this was her first time experiencing such
a situation, she knew the public had blacklisted her.

It was unpleasant to be reviled by the public.

Public opinions were destructive in large numbers.

Josie remained silent for a long time, prompting Alice to call out worriedly, “Josic, Josie? Are you still

“Yes.” Josie returned the phone to Arnold. “All I can say is if someone wished to get me boycotted, she
has succeeded.

Alice was worried about Josie. “Should I get someone to find the IP address for you?”

“No need. We won’t be able to find it. Let’s not waste our energy.” Josie was so calm that it was scary.
“Anyway, thank you, Alice.”

She hung up and looked squarely at Arnold.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Was it you?” Josie asked solemnly. The person targeted me and dragged Russell Group in. Of all the
people I know, you’re the only one who could have wanted to do this.”

“Your reason is unjustified.”

“I hope you will come clean to me.”

Arnold replied solemnly, “Would you believe me if I say it wasn’t me?”

He was right. Josie did not believe him even after he denied it. She looked away. “You have depleted
all my trust for you.”

Arnold pursed his lips and checked the surroundings before entering the car. “What did Dexter tell

It was nine o’clock at night when Dexter came out of a meeting on the top floor of Russell Group.

It was pitch black outside the floor-to-ceiling window.

Dexter carried his jacket and undid the top two buttons of his white shirt. He appeared stern as usual.

His secretary was checking something on an iPad. She rushed to Dexter upon seeing him. “Mr.

Dexter handed the jacket to her and walked ahead steadily. His voice was low and solemn as he said,
“Has she returned?”

The secretary understood who he meant and answered, “Not yet.”

Dexter paused and frowned slightly.

The secretary showed him the iPad. “Mrs. Russell is in trouble.”

Dexter stared at the iPad screen. It was the Twitter post exposing plagiarism of Josie’s design drawing.



Chapter 321 Loss of Trust

read through the comments speedily, but they kept increasing. Every comment contained offensive
words against Josie.

His gaze flashed threateningly. However, he immediately composed himself and appeared calm. “Have
you found out who did it?”

“Not yet.”

The secretary thought Dexter would be furious or at least show some reaction. Unexpectedly. Dexter
behaved as if the matter was completely unrelated to him.

She asked cautiously, “Mr. Russell, should we… help her?”


Dexter put his hands in his pockets and paused before his office door. He glanced in and stayed still,
feeling something pressing on his heart. He needed something to relieve that oppressing feeling.

Dexter hated such emotions.

Then, he came to his senses and made a sudden decision. He returned the iPad to his secretary and
said coldly. “Get rid of this mess, and don’t let me see it again.”

The secretary’s eyes brightened. “Yes, sir.”

Mr. Russell may seem heartless, but he will still protect his loved ones. Moreover, he makes sure to
protect them thoroughly.

She entered the secretaries’ office and rushed to her colleague’s desk. “Mr. Russell doesn’t want to see
these trashy posts. Congratulations! You will have to work overtime tonight.”

Her colleague groaned. “This job has become unbearable ever since Ms. Miller left.”

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