That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 317

He’s Not the One

Once alone, Nancy asked softly, ‘I can tell from his words and actions that he’s a sincere man.
Furthermore, he has a good job and cares tremendously about you. So, are you….*

Joste looked at her and replied solemnly. “There’s nothing between us. If I must describe our
relationship. he’s only a friend.”

Nancy frowned and was stunned. Suddenly, she understood something. ‘Are you in love with someone

Josie looked down, unable to deny her words. I’m already married.”

Nancy widened her eyes at the shocking revelation. Her tone instantly changed. “What did you say?”

She’s married? How could she be married?

Josie considered. Even though her disappointment toward Dexter grew, she still could not get him out
of her mind or forget the things that happened between them.

“I got married last year.”

The sudden revelation left Nancy breathless. Her chest heaved and fell as she asked incredulously,
“Does Matthew know?”

“He knows. Josie shook her head helplessly. “Matthew is a calm person. However, the calmer he is, the
more difficult it is for me to say anything to him. I feel guilty whenever he is being nice to me. I hope
you can help me to advise him.”

Nancy looked at Josie bewilderedly. “Who did you marry?”

Josie looked into Nancy’s eyes and slowly shook her head. “It’s not who you think.”

Nancy gradually stepped back. Her brow furrowed tightly. “I thought it would be….”

“He and I will never be together.”

At the same time, the lights were switched on in another spacious room. It seemed like a warm and
cozy home.

A man sat cross-legged on the floor. He looked down slightly, casting a shadow on his gloomy but
exquisite face.

His slender fingers were beautiful under the light. They held a high-resolution photo that showed a
meek- looking woman.

The woman looked down as she walked along a well-illuminated street. Her white dress fluttered
slightly as she walked. She looked stunning against the night scenery.

More photos covered the floor near the man’s feet. One of them showed her walking; another showed
her entering a hotel. There was also a photo of her sitting before the bay window and one showing her
slumped over the table, crying. Each picture showed a different action or scene but was about the


Someone knocked on the door and came in, holding an envelope. He offered it to the man. “Mr.
Russell. Mrs. Russell went out today.”

Dexter accepted the envelope expressionlessly. He quickly tore it open and took out the photos, still
warm from printing. Then, he looked at them one by one. His expression gradually turned grimmer than

it had ever been in the past few days.

He violently threw the photos on the floor. Josie, just you wait!

Nancy stayed in Wavery for two days. When it was time for her to return to Rivodia, Josie and Matthew
sent her off. Before entering the security checkpoint, Nancy said, “Let’s meet again someday.”

Matthew hugged her and thanked her.

Then, Nancy came to Josie. Her voice sounded cold and stiff as she said, “Let me know if you ever
come to Rivodia. I’ll bring you around.”


“Did something happen between you and Nancy?” Matthew asked as he drove. “Something seems off.”

Josie lied without thinking. “We hadn’t met for a long time. It’s bound to be a little awkward.”

Matthew grunted and asked casually, “Do you feel better after talking to her?”

Josie had a bitter taste in her mouth upon hearing him. She adjusted her tone and took a deep breath
before answering. “Thank you, Matt, for working hard to help me. However, my trouble is not something
friends can easily resolve.”

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