That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 331

Arnold Was in a Car Accident

There were few cars on the road, Josie only found out about the heavy rain after she left the hotel.

The driver drove cautiously and reminded her, “Miss, it’s not the time to rush. The roads are slippery
due to rain.

Later, she arrived at her residence and exited the car to find someone coming to her from the crowd.
The man walked hurriedly and appeared anxious. He stopped before Josie and said solemnly. “You
must be Ms. Warren.”

Josie recalled seeing him before. “Are you Mr. Carter’s secretary?”

“Yes. I’m Andy Johnson” Andy looked anxious. “Can you please follow me? It’s urgent.”

His tone was firm.

“What happened?” Josie sensed something was wrong.

Andy moved closer and whispered, “I received news this morning that Mr. Carter was in a car accident.
He is undergoing emergency treatment in the hospital,”

His voice was unstable, as if he had suffered a severe shock. “You attended the wedding with him, so
thought I should bring you to the hospital to see him.”

Josie looked at Andy in disbelief. She mumbled, “Car accident?”

It was indeed an accident.

Last night, Arnold recklessly drove at one hundred and eighty miles per hour despite the torrential rain.
He lost control of his car and could not brake on time, causing it to fall into a river.

Luckily for him, the sky had already brightened. A jogger saw the scene and bravely rushed to save
him. He grabbed a rock and smashed the car window.

Arnold was rescued from the car, covered in blood. He passed out on the scene.

Most people did not like going to the hospital. It was a place where deaths and partings occurred daily.
One could not escape witnessing the helplessness and fears of human lives in this place.

Josie wore a brown trench coat before leaving the house. Then, she put on the cap and mask given by

She followed Andy through the crowd and traversed the deathly silent corridors. Then, he whispered, “I
contacted his private doctors when I found out about the accident. They are still overseas and can only
remotely instruct the doctors in this hospital on Mr. Carter’s treatment.”

Josie walked quickly to keep up with him. Her face was expressionless as she listened to him.

“Ms. Warren, please go in to see him. I’ve worked for him for a long time. He doesn’t have many friends
and not to mention any female friends. There are few people he considers important, and you are one
of them. It doesn’t matter, even if your presence doesn’t improve his condition. You should spend some
time with him. I’m sure he will be comforted by your presence.”

Am I important to him?



Chapter 331 Arnold Was in a Car Accident

Josie was confused. Tim not the woman he loves. Why doesn’t he search for Summer? Is she still

Andy looked at her and gritted his teeth, trying to persuade her. “It might be the last chance to see him.”

The last chance. The thought prompted Josie to quicken her steps and continue ahead. Her heart

Why did he leave at midnight? Could he have left because he heard Dexter was in my room? It can’t be

They arrived before a surgery room. The door was still firmly shut, and the sign above the door was
glaringly red, indicating that the surgery was ongoing

A question popped into her mind when she saw this scene. Could Arnold have died?

She felt a sudden chill all over her body and could not stop trembling.

“Have you informed his family?” Josie asked slowly. Her throat tightened, and it was difficult to speak.

“Not yet. I fear they can’t withstand the news.”

Josie turned around and only noticed another person sitting outside the surgery room. It was a strong-
looking young man waiting nervously. He was probably the man who saved Arnold.

Josie looked down and noticed the dark red blood on the man’s body. The sight was like a stab to her
heart. Her hands shook, and she could not move for a long time.

That’s a lot of blood.

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