That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 338


Josie wouldn’t be this distressed if it was Ivy because she knew Dexter had no feelings toward Ivy.
However, things were different with Summer-Josie didn’t know about their past and whether they had
feelings for each other.

Such anxiety was frustrating. Josie was confused, thinking she shouldn’t be bothered by this matter

Josie was unnerved as she walked out of the hospital. It was hard to hail a cab during rush hour, and
Josie was number 44 in the queue on the ride-hailing platform.

She leaned against the lamppost, with her mind running wild.

At that moment, Dexter’s car was driven out of the car park. The observant driver immediately spotted
Josie but didn’t dare to inform Dexter in the presence of Summer.

Summer gazed at Dexter cautiously and said in a fawning manner. “Mr. Russell, I’ve sent the research
report for Russell Group to you via email.”

“Okay.” Dexter hummed indifferently. The car was stuck in the traffic and couldn’t move. Dexter added,
“Thanks for the hard work.”

“Not at all.” Summer smiled.

Later, when the traffic became smoother, Dexter instructed the driver to pull over. “Send Ms. Olsen
home. I have some matters to attend to.”

“Mr. Russell”

Summer could clearly sense Dexter’s sudden change in mood, although he didn’t show it. As such, she
had no choice but to clam up.

On the other hand, Josie finally got a ride. Just as she was about to get into the car, she spotted two
familiar figures from a distance-Dexter hugged the woman in the car.

Then, he walked to an automotive shop nearby and drove out a Bentley after five minutes.

Josie cursed inwardly and became irritated. The driver grew impatient and honked at Josie as she
remained motionless. Jolted back to her senses, Josie quickly got into the car and closed the door
before Dexter noticed her.

“Sir, please hurry.” Josie gasped as if she was fleeing

Her residence was in the opposite direction as Mason Garden. The street was empty at night, so the
driver drove at high speed. But alas, the Bentley soon caught up with them. Josie lowered the car
window and was shocked to see Dexter in the car.

Indeed, he has guessed it.

Exasperated, Josie took out her wallet and placed a stack of notes before the driver. The driver was
motivated when he saw the money and slammed the accelerator as hard as he could.

However, the Bently chased relentlessly behind them. The situation made the driver panic. “Miss, did
you get into some trouble

The wind blowing in through the window tousled Josie’s hair. She stared nervously at the Bentley.

thinking Dexter must have lost his mind.

Suddenly, the cab took a sharp turn. Josie’s forehead hit on the driver’s seat, giving her a dizzy spell.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Nothing. I’m escaping because I was abused.”

The driver was rendered speechless.

Dexter continued pursuing them. Josie had seen how crazy Dexter could be and knew he could die.
anytime, given his dangerous driving.

Fortunately, Josie arrived at her hotel not long later. She almost threw up when the driver slammed on
the brake abruptly.

Dexter’s car stopped behind them. He rolled down the window with a cold and sarcastic smirk, mocking
Josie for attempting to flee from him.

The moment Josie got out of the car, the cab driver sped away frantically.

Dexter got out of the Bentley and slammed the door closed heavily. He walked toward Josie,
emanating a deadly aura..

Josie instinctively took a few steps back and was a bundle of nerves as she stuttered, “D-Dexter
Russell, you must be out of your mind to drive so recklessly!”

Dexter seized her slender wrist, causing her to wince in pain and almost slump onto the ground. “What
do you want?!”

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