That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 328

Challenging the Limit

Dexter refused to move and grabbed her hand.

Josic looked at their hands and said sternly, “Mr. Russell, you’re breaching my personal space”

Dexter pretended not to hear her. He suddenly turned around and grabbed her arms, dragging her into
the ladies’ room. Then, he kicked open a cubical door and pushed her, causing her to fall onto the toilet
bowl. He kept moving threateningly close His actions were rough but did not injure her.

“Josie, are you testing the limits of my patience?” They were so close that the tips of their noses almost
touched. Dexter noticed the brief panic in Josie’s eyes, while Josie saw the uncontrollable fury in his

Their scents filled each other’s nostrils, exciting their senses.

Josie soon smiled, but her eyes continued to flicker with unhappiness. “Mr. Russell, I don’t understand
what you mean. Do you mean you received a divorce agreement?”

Dexter stated at her, fighting the strong urge to strangle her. At the same time, he vehemently despised
himself. He even considered staying like this and letting her vent her anger at him, hoping it would
reduce her hatred of him.

“Did you come here with Arnold to anger me?”

Dexter suddenly grabbed Josie’s neck. Josie tried to break free. Her face was deathly pale, but her lips
were as merciless as ever. “Why? Did I humiliate you? Is that why you’re angry?”

Strangely, Dexter admitted to her words. He sneered and replied, “Isn’t this what you want? You
deliberately approach Arnold to make me angry, right?”

“How is it? Is my strength unbearable?”

Josie did not wear pants this time, leaving her slender legs bare beneath the skirt. She suddenly raised
her leg and rubbed it against his thigh. I’ll show you what’s unbearable.”

Dexter’s expression instantly froze. He loosened his grip.

While he was dazed, Josie freed her hands and wrapped them around his neck. She brought her red
lips to his ear and dabbed them lightly to his Canali shirt.

Her arms felt soft and warm around his neck. Although she did not exert strength on him, Dexter felt an
unexplainable heaviness.

She whispered into his car. “You said I was stupid to dream of becoming Mrs. Carter. Why don’t and
watch me make it into a reality.”



Her words were pure and unadulterated mockery, piercing into his heart.

Dexter parted his lips. Countless emotions rolled like waves in his eyes.



They looked into each other’s eyes. On one side were turbulent emotions, while the other seemed calm
and indifferent.

Challenging the Limit

Life and death seemed to be hinged at that instant.

Laura had a simple wedding. She wore a white wedding gown and light makeup Nothing was
ostentatious, yet no one could steal her limelight as the bride.

Her makeup was done by the time Josie entered the dressing room. She was surrounded by many
people and requested them to leave when she saw Josic, Josie approached her and walked around
her, assessing her appearance. “Not bail”

“Erm…” Laura tapped a spot on Josie’s lips. “You missed putting on the lipstick on this part.”

Josie felt guilty at being caught and entered the inner room nervously. “Really?”

Laura observed her calmly.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Laura glanced at it and was stunned briefly before asking,

It was a woman dressed in a white trench coat and a hat. Her long hair hung before her chest, and her
makeup was light and natural. The woman said, “It’s been so long since we met.”

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