That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 335

Made Known

“Whatever As long as it’s not poisonous Arnold replied amiably.

Andy sensibly escorted the others out of the ward and closed the door, leaving Josie and Arnold in the

Arnold’s organs were injured, so he couldn’t cat on his own. He turned to look at Josie and said, “I have
not caten. Can you feed me?”

Josie gnashed her teeth in annoyance. I’m not your servant. With that, she stood up and was about to
press the help button.

“Hey, hey!” Arnold winced in pain and quickly stopped Josic. Fine, I’ll eat myself” Then, he glanced at
her and said. “You’ve stayed by my side for two days, yet you’re acting like a stranger now that I woke
up. Are

you shiv?”

Josie smirked. “I stayed here the past two days because your secretary wouldn’t let me leave. I didn’t
want to be implicated just in case you died. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come.

Arnold was not annoyed by Josie’s insouciant behavior, Instead, he asked with a smile, “Did he
threaten you?”

“Of course


Caught off guard by the question, Josie was at a loss for words. “I-He just coerced me into staying”

“I see. Arnold feigned an innocent look. “Well, if you insisted on leaving, he could do nothing either. So,
it was still your own choice,”

Recalling the night at the Olsen Hotel, Josie didn’t know how to explain it she wasn’t exactly guilty. She
shrugged and said. “If you died, the police might involve me in the investigation. I don’t want to get into

Before Arnold could say something, Josie asked, “You should be a skillful driver. Why did you drive
into. the river? Did you see something?”

Arnold’s smile faded, but his tone remained nonchalant. “No big deal. I’m still alive, aren’t I?”

“You’re saying it so casually. Sure, you survived, but do you know you nearly died? Your abdomen was
stabbed with a dagger, which caused excessive bleeding! Josie was angry at Arnold’s insouciant
attitude as if he didn’t care about his life.

‘I see… I heard someone donated blood for me. I wonder who that person was. Arnold remained

Josie glared at him, knowing he was intentionally teasing her.

“Don’t tell me it was you.” Arnold beamed from ear to ear.

“Arnold Carter!” Josie was so exasperated that she grabbed a pillow from the couch and was about to it
at Arnold.

Just then, Andy walked in and saw the scene. He gasped and quickly stopped Josie. “Ms. Warren,



Chapter 335 Made Known

calm down!”

Josie was so upset that she sat on the couch in silence.

Arnold’s gaze was fixed on her as he asked Andy, “What is it?”

“The doctor said your condition is stable now, and you will recover after enough rest. Some became
aware of this incident and are heading to the hospital now!

“Send them away.” Arnold replied resolutely.

Andy was speechless. He glanced at Josie in a dilemma and asked, “Should I turn all of them away?”

Arnold regained his senses when he heard the profound question. “You can make the necessary

“Yes, sir.”

After Andy left, Josie stared at Arnold while holding the pillow. “Don’t tell me you intended this accident
to happen.”

Arnold arched his brows in a charming manner. “Why do you think so?”

“I just thought it shouldn’t have occurred.”

“If it was my intention, I didn’t have to stab myself with a dagger.”

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