That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 311

I’m Willing to Step Down

Dexter’s chest burned with raging fury. His tone turned icy cold, “Why are you here?”

“To get your signature.” Josie touched his chest and helped him button up his shirt. She showed no
reaction to the hickeys on his chest. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. You should have a good talk with her
later. or she will be sad…”

Dexter grabbed her hand before she could finish speaking. He narrowed his eyes. “Doesn’t it bother

Josie looked at him and asked, “What should I be bothered about?”

Dexter leaned down slightly and was momentarily stunned as he looked into her sparkling eyes. She’s
right. What do I want her to be bothered about?

He frowned and replied calmly, “Ask me, and I will explain.”

Josie closed her eyes before opening them again. She looked alluring as she said, “But I’m not
interested to


Dexter/knew what she was feeling. “What do you want me to do then?”

“I’m willing to step down from my position if needed,” Josie answered frankly.

“What did you say?” Dexter growled.

“I’m willing to step down if needed…”

“I dare you to say it again!”

“I’m willing to…”

A strong masculine scent suddenly assailed Josie’s nostrils. Suddenly, her lips were forcefully sealed
by a kiss.

He bit her lips and pushed his tongue against her teeth, forcing them to open. Then, his tongue dived
in, filling her mouth with a familiar taste. However, she immediately pushed him away.

Their chests rose and fell from exertion. At the same time, they glared at each other fiercely as if
seeing their most hated enemies.

Josie breathed in. Her head felt dizzy. She was unsure why she pushed him away. All she knew was
that she felt disgusted in the brief moment they kissed.

“Josie, are you jealous?” Dexter opened his eyes and asked earnestly.

Josie shook slightly as she looked at how stern Dexter was despite being in a ladies‘ room. He leaned
down slightly and seemed serious about his question.

Seeing him like this struck a massive blow to her confidence. She laughed in anger. “Excuse me, Mr.
Russell. Why would I be jealous about that? You were only making out with a woman in the ladies‘
room. It didn’t develop beyond that. All that happened was that she kissed you. I’m not that petty.”

Dexter pressed a hand to his forehead upon hearing her. He took a few steps closer and explained, “A
business partner tried to scheme against me. He sent the woman to trick me into coming here. I didn’t
know she would be here.”

Josie calmly retreated a few steps. “Is that so? With your level of intelligence, you must have known
that it was a trap, right? Yet, you still chose to come here.”

How far would they have gone if I hadn’t shown up?

Josie was usually not that quarrelsome. She would normally tone down once he explained. However,
she did not do that this time but disputed with him.

Dexter did not think he had done anything wrong, and his patience ran thin. He narrowed his furiously
gleaming eyes. “Josie, have you had enough?”

I’ve only just started. He already can’t stand it?

Josie wanted to laugh. Hearing his harsh words against her made her determined to argue back. “I
suppose I can stop now. If I were to bring up all your scandals, it would take days. There would be no
end to it. After all, you have so many female companions.”

On the other hand, I, his legal wife, am as insignificant as an ant to him.

Her words caused Dexter to burst into fury. He almost cursed out loud. “Josie, why are you still holding
it against me? I’ve dealt with the plagiarism matter for you. You didn’t lose anything.”

Dexter still thought he had done a great service for her. That made Josie feel even more dejected.

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