That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 343

Deceitful Woman

Dexter momentarily stepped away to answer a phone call. Meanwhile, Josie closed her eyes,
overwhelmed by sadness. His words had shattered her illusions When she woke again, it was already
dawn, and Dexter was nowhere to be found. She rubbed her eyes, never liking to be left alone in such
a situation, but she understood that he wouldn’t spend the night in a place like this

After freshening up, she turned on the television and stumbled upon a reality show. It reminded her that
she had to go to work that day. She packed her things and prepared to leave To her surprise, she
noticed a figure outside the room. At the same time, Dexter entered the empty room, placing a packed
meal box on the table. He called out. Josie?”

There was no response.

Standing in the center of the room, Dexter felt an inexplicable loneliness akin to an abandoned child.
Josie, hiding behind the windowsill, furrowed her brow, struggling to reconcile this side of Dexter with
her perception of him.

Realizing his demeanor was turning cold before he turned away, Josie quickly revealed herself and
declared. “I’m here; I haven’t left yet.”

Dexter pivoted, casting his gaze upon her. The whirlwind of emotions that had flickered in his eyes a
moment ago dissipated, replaced by an emotionless stare that sent shivers down her spine. Josie felt a
surge of panic, fearing Dexter might lose control again, as he had the previous night.

“Calm down. I was just joking with you,” she uttered, mustering her courage to reach out and grasp his
hand, attempting to quell his wrath.

Dexter remained stoic, his face wearing a grave expression. Furrowing her brow, Josie gauged his
reaction and inquired, “Do I need to keep apologizing for you to forgive me?”

This time, a smile tugged at Dexter’s lips. This woman had a knack for melting his heart, knowing just
the right words to say. Josie noticed the softening of his expression and said, “Unlike you, I won’t leave
without warning.

Dexter arched an eyebrow, unconvinced, “Such a deceitful woman.”

The television continued playing in the background as he reached out and pulled her into his embrace.
Josie locked eyes with Dexter, his gaze unusually tender. She felt a weight settle in her heart, creating
serendipity within her. For some reason, tears welled up in her eyes, but she couldn’t pinpoint the exact


Sensing her gaze, Dexter leaned back slightly and whispered, “Do I need to remind you to close your
eyes when we kiss?”

Without waiting for her response, he sealed her lips and kissed her passionately.

Downstairs, Ivy had been waiting for a while and was growing impatient. Feeling curious, she went
upstairs and was met with this awkward scene. Ivy caught her breath, silently retreated, and purposely
cleared her throat.

It was evident to anyone with keen observation that Dexter had a soft spot for Josie. He disregarded
the dangers of speeding on the road. He compromised his usual standards to spend the night with her
in such

a place, all for this seemingly ordinary woman.

However, something puzzled Ivy. While Dexter cared for Summer, his concern for Josie seemed even
more significant. So, who held the key to his heart? In this world, a conclusion or absolute rationality
was not always necessary.

Subsequently, Josie decided to accompany Dexter to the Russell Mansion.

“Mr. Russell, Arnold’s associates have secured the shipment at the harbor. It appears they plan to
transport it to Rivodia. Should we send someone to intercept it at the highway exit?” Aware of Josie’s
presence, Ivy reported cautiously.

Dexter’s gaze lingered on the documents. “No need; it will be some time before he takes action again.”

Josie glanced at them and asked, “What shipment?”

Dexter remained silent while Ivy answered, “Mrs. Russell, it’s a shipment of alcohol.”

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