That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 337

An Alibi

Arnold looked at Dexter, who was standing by the window. The rays of sunlight shone on him, but no
one knew what was on his mind.

“You’re obedient to Dexter.”

Josie couldn’t concentrate on the conversation anymore. All she knew was Summer had returned.

Suddenly, she had many realizations. For example, the woman Xandre met was Summer. Dexter
returned earlier, for Summer’s sake. Josie could even guess the owner of the white bra now

So, that’s what happened. Josie felt her heart squeezed upon realizing the truth. She covered her
mouth so no one could hear her crying.

Meanwhile, Dexter placed his hand on the handle of the restroom after putting out his cigarette.
“Arnold, hope you don’t mind me using the restroom.”

Stunned, Josie forcefully pushed against the door. If Dexter discovered she was here, she would be

Before Arnold could respond, Dexter felt the resistance behind the door. “Is there someone inside?” He
asked with a frown.

Josie closed her eyes in despair.

Just then, Andy walked into the ward. Perceiving Arnold’s look, he immediately said, “Mr. Russell, the
door is spoiled. I just asked someone to come and fix it. Sorry about that.” Then, he passed a packet of
wet tissue to Dexter. “Please use this if you don’t mind.”

Dexter paused briefly before retracting his gaze. “Thanks.”

After wiping his fingers with the wet tissue, he said, “A shipment was intercepted at the port a few days
ago. The officers are investigating it. I received news that the shipment is related to the Carter Group,
so I helped to cover it, but the follow-up procedures might be troublesome.”

Arnold replied, I’ve heard of it. Don’t worry. Thanks for the favor. I’m still investigating whose mistake it


Dexter wore a faint smile. “You should investigate it thoroughly. If it wasn’t that you ran into a car
accident that day, I would think it’s your decision.”

“I should be grateful for the car accident, which provided me with an alibi.”

“You’re lucky as usual, Arnold. However, luck alone is insufficient to run a business. Dexter commented
profoundly. Then, he turned to the side and muttered, “Good luck is rare.” One couldn’t tell who Dexter
was speaking to.

After Arnold finished the porridge, Summer kept the thermos away and said gently. “I’ll ask the chef at
my place to prepare meals for you. Get well soon.”

However, Arnold’s response caught Summer off guard. “Sum, aren’t you worried that Dexter would be
jealous of your concern toward me?”

Dexter was standing with his back facing them, so he didn’t notice Summer’s blushing cheeks. “What
nonsense you are talking about…” She mumbled.

After Dexter and his companions left, silence was restored in the ward. A bodyguard came and
reported to Arnold, “We’ve escorted them to the car park.”

Arnold lifted his head and said, “Are you gonna continue staying inside?”

Josie checked herself in the mirror before walking out silently with a sullen look.

Arnold’s heart sank. He sat up and called out to Josie.

“I shall leave first,” Josie said calmly. While walking toward the door, she realized her handbag was left
on the couch. Did Dexter notice it? Oh well. I don’t think he’ll know it’s mine


“Wait a minute. Arnold still wanted to say something.

Josie grabbed her handbag and said. “It’ll be too much if you want to mock me after the embarrassing


“It’s not that. I…” Josie left the ward in disappointment before Arnold could finish her sentence.

Nothing could be more heartbreaking than bumping into one’s husband accompanied by the woman
whom he had an ambiguous relationship with.

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