That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 345


Seated at her desk, Josie scrolled through the company’s internal system, searching for Ivy’s contact


As a special assistant to Dexter, Ivy had special privileges, including unrestricted access throughout the
company and the power to remove any surveillance traces.

Furthermore, Ivy’s connection with Claire added another layer of complexity to the situation.

Josie blamed herself for overthinking and getting caught up in intricate possibilities, leading her to miss
out on Ivy. But did Dexter take the recording pen away just to protect her?

After finding Ivy’s address, Josie swiftly jotted it down.

When it was time to leave work, she hastened outside and flagged down a taxi, only to realize she was
being followed. It became apparent that the person tailing her was a pair of undercover bodyguards.

Josie tried to ignore them. She even attempted to shake them off by taking a detour but to no avail.
Eventually, she had no choice but to confront them, “Did Dexter send you to follow me?” she asked.

The two men exchanged glances, and one responded, “Mr. Russell doesn’t want you wandering

“I’m not wandering around. Can’t I go back to Mason Garden?”

“Let us escort you,” the bodyguards said, followed by a tense atmosphere descending upon them,
punctuated by a heavy silence.

Josie quickly scanned the area, noticing their car conveniently stationed nearby. Understanding the
potential dangers of resisting and trying to escape, she nodded in acquiescence, reluctantly falling in
step behind them as they made their way toward the awaiting vehicle.

However, as they neared the car door, armed individuals suddenly appeared from behind, swiftly
attacking the two bodyguards on their heads with weapons.

Amidst their agonizing struggle, Josie was dragged away. “You’re coming with us, Mrs. Russell! Stop
resisting!” One of them ordered.

Josie was shoved into a van with her eyes blindfolded. Fear gripped her heart as she exclaimed. “Who
are you?”

“Take a guess, Mrs. Russell.”

“You know who I am, yet you have the nerve to offend me?”

Someone chuckled, “There aren’t many in this city who could go head-to-head with you. Why not
hazard a guess?”

“Was it Arnold?” Josie blurted out involuntarily.

“Well, thanks to Mr. Carter, we were able to locate you, they admitted.

Upon hearing that, Josie couldn’t help but express her disgust, “You b*stards! Don’t try to sow discord.

Arnold is in the hospital. There’s no reason for him to plot against me.”

No matter how rough or deranged he might seem, he wouldn’t dare harm the person who had rescued
him. But in Wavery, who else could be her enemy? At that moment, a name sprung out, “Ivy? Did Ivy
send you?!”

It had to be Ivy, then. She must have resorted to sneaky means since she couldn’t openly confront me.

“Shut up! Enough with the gibberish!” Someone yelled at Josie.

The van drove for what seemed like an eternity, causing Josie to lose track of their location. Finally, it
came to a stop. The blindfold was removed, revealing a dilapidated unfinished building before her.

They brought Josie inside and ensured her hands were tied. Looking around, she was astonished to
see Ivy sitting on a broken chair on the second floor, with a computer in front of her, typing away.

Josie was taken aback, realizing there was another woman bound before her. It was none other than
the fragile and helpless Summer, with blood at the corner of her lips, seemingly unconscious.

“Ivy! What’s wrong with you?! You must have gone crazy to do this to us!” Josie shouted, incredulous at
the scene before her. She never expected Ivy to go to such extremes!

Upon hearing her voice, Ivy finally gazed at Josie and said, “So, you’ve come.”

It had been a long time since they last saw each other, and Josie couldn’t help but notice that Ivy had
lost considerable weight. Her facial features had sharpened, emanating a colder and more ruthless

Ivy turned off the computer and stared at Josie with a gaze filled with hatred. She then asked, “Has
anyone found out about us?”

Assured and relieved, Ivy descended the stairs and approached Josie.

Through clenched teeth, she chided, “Weren’t you planning to divorce? Why haven’t you gone through
with it? None of this would have happened if you had!!

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