That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 344

Overlooked Ivy

Alcohol? What kind of alcohol would require Arnold to go through all this trouble?

“Arnold is heavily entrenched in the nightlife scene, and with his connections and influence, it wouldn’t
be difficult for him to generate that amount of money. No?”

Dexter gestured casually and responded, “When it comes to alcohol, there’s a whole spectrum to
consider. Some of the finest quality, others just average, and let’s not forget the shady side of things.
Any thoughts. on which category of alcohol Arnold has found himself entangled with?”

Josie pressed her lips together and asked, puzzled, “What will happen if he gets caught?”

Taken aback by her question, Dexter paused momentarily before mocking her, “Feeling sorry for your
boyfriend already?”

Ignoring his sarcastic tone, Josie remained unfazed as he held her hand, idly toying with it, “Isn’t it a
little too coincidental that the car accident happened just when it did? Even if I were to deal with him, I
couldn’t because he has a witness in his aid. So, does that mean I’m supposed to surrender my wife to

Dexter spoke slowly. His words were infused with grim, Josie, he has me in a bind. It’s impossible for
me to attempt anything against him. Do you know what that means?”

Josie trembled slightly. It was a little too late for her to finally understand why Andy insisted on guarding
the hospital. It was because of Dexter.

“Like I’ve told you before, Arnold is no kind soul,” Dexter let go of her.

Josie exited the car as soon as they arrived at the Russell Group. She was dazed during the entire
journey, and Dexter’s warning wasn’t entirely baseless; it had triggered a sense of vigilance never had

“Ms. Warren,” somebody called out to her.

Josie turned around and saw Wyatt. He was dressed in a sharp suit, looking professional and

“Hey, Wyatt.”

Wyatt walked up to her and smiled. “I saw you getting out of Dex’s car just now, but I didn’t want to get
caught, so I didn’t dare call out.”

Josie forced a smile and asked, “How’s work been treating you lately?”

“Not too bad,” the two walked side by side, passing through the gate.

“We’ve been pulling long hours to meet the demanding deadlines set by Dex. On the bright side, our
collaboration with Auntie Xanthe is going great,” Wyatt purposely brought up Xanthe, leaving Josie to
piece together his hidden message.

“She… Has her son returned?”

Wyatt nodded, understanding her concern. “Don’t worry. He’s not back yet.”

He stopped there and didn’t say anything more.

As they passed the front desk, a greeting sounded, “Good morning, Ms. Warren. You have a package.”

Josie went forward to claim it. It was a package sent by a collaborator.

She thanked the front desk and suddenly remembered something. “If I recall correctly, you’ve been
working the night shift recently, right?”

The front desk hesitated for a moment. “You have a good memory.”

+5 Bonus

Josie had a sudden realization. She mentioned a specific date. “During those days, besides the night-
owls stayed for over-time. Did you come across anyone suspicious entering or leaving the design
department at night?”

“At night…..” The front desk frowned as she searched her memory. “Not that I remember… Only
employees who were given the ID could access Russell Group. It’s unlikely for anyone to trespass the

Unable to uncover any leads, Josie felt a sense of anguish.

To her surprise. Wyatt stood beside her, saying, “I have some recollection of the time you mentioned. I
remember that night, I had work to tend to, so I stayed until the wee hours of the night. When I left the
office, I bumped into Ivy in the elevator. She was wearing a mask and a hat, and it didn’t seem like she
was coming to work.”


Josie’s eyes widened, and a realization struck her. How could she have possibly forgotten about Ivy?

“Do you remember the exact time?” Josie grabbed his hand.

“I’m not entirely sure, but it was likely around dawn. Strangely, she ended up on the same floor as the
design department.”

Josie couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. She nodded in realization and exclaimed, “Ah, now it all

sense! Thanks a bunch!”

Despite searching everywhere, she had somehow overlooked Ivy

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