That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 342

Don’t Venture into It

Josie felt a wave of nervousness wash over her as his eyes bore into her. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I
woke up and didn’t see you. I thought you had left, so I came looking for you.”

Freshly awakened, dressed in a nightgown, and with a hoarse voice, Josie emitted an innocent aura
that effortlessly pacified one’s guard.

Dexter grabbed her around the waist and leaned in for a kiss, but Josie evaded, as she still felt a
lingering fear. “I don’t want you to kiss me.”

The excessive sweet talk felt overwhelming, and Josie couldn’t tell if this deliberate coquettishness was
a way to mask her own uneasiness.

Smitten by her coquettishness, Dexter let go of his stern demeanor and said, “Hmm, I’ll join you in

Josie rarely indulged in coquettishness, but when she did, Dexter couldn’t resist, just as she couldn’t
escape when Dexter was upset.

Dexter settled her onto the bed, tucked her in with a blanket, and positioned himself beside her. He had
no intention of leaving.

Noticing her quivering eyelashes, he took the initiative to break the silence. “Did you hear a lot of what I

Josie didn’t hear the entire conversation but heard enough to peer into his realm. It was a domain of
decisive actions, choices that left no room for negotiation. Unlike the business world, where there was
space for discussion and maneuvering, his realm had no ambiguity. Everything was clearly defined,
and specific rules were adhered to.

And Dexter was the ruler.

With her eyes cast downward, Josie confided, “I heard you mention that you haven’t done it in a long


Dexter smiled, appreciating Josie’s intelligence and sharpness in understanding the boundaries of their
conversation. With just a bedside lamp casting a soft glow, he pulled her close and asked gently. “Have
you ever seen the true extent of my pluck and willpower?”

Josie shook her head, sensing the underlying warning.

“Dexter’s authority wasn’t solely derived from brute force; he had a de-facto ability to command the
respect and obedience of his talented associates.

So, what did it truly signify when Dexter asserted his dominance? It undoubtedly went beyond mere
mercilessness and brutality.

In a calm tone, Dexter said, “You’re familiar with the Russell family, right?”

Of course! She had even been to their family estate.

“The Russell family, with a significant portion of both water and land territory under their belt, couldn’t
afford to have no one at the helm.”

These intricacies were always beyond Josie’s comprehension.

The Russell family operated on the razor’s edge of the business world, where countless lives hung in
the balance as mere pawns. They were skilled, highly trained, and operated with utmost secrecy.

Currently. Dexter has seized control of half of the Russell family.

He shared that he had dealt with his fair share of unreasonable people in the business world, and only
one incident went awry. The other party had acted all two-faced, undermining Dexter’s young age and
lack of experience, and attempted to overpower him.

Caught off guard, Dexter’s instincts kicked in, compelling him to take control of the situation. He
unsheathed his sword, resulting in blood being spilled. The other party’s arm became impaled and
lodged in the table, with the skin torn and the bone pierced, rendering it immobile.

That guy’s arm was likely wrecked.

Dexter’s approach to using violence to counter violence was undeniably ruthless, reflecting someone
who had traversed the world without desires or demands, showcasing his sharpness.

Since that incident, Dexter hadn’t encountered anyone as insolent. The woman in his arms trembled as
she listened intently. Although she had long been aware of his unique identity, Josie couldn’t quite
come to terms with this inhumane side of him.

However, she had always avoided that aspect, making him feel unfamiliar.

Dexter comforted Josie as if coaxing a child, saying, “I think we’ll stop here. But Josie, don’t venture
into such a world. Stay away from Arnold. I can assure your safety as long as you’re my wife,”

Josie believed that he was more than capable of doing so. Yet, he could also protect numerous other
women, making her insignificant except for being his legitimate wife.

Josie simply nodded and didn’t dwell on it, saying. I’m feeling a little tired. I want to take a nap.”

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