That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 347

There’s Still Time to Change Your Mind

Ivy fixed a piercing gaze on Josie, her expression filled with disdain. “You’re quite the cunning one,
aren’t you? Knowing your time as Mrs. Russell was limited, you seduced Arnold and won him over to
your side. Impressive how you managed to maintain that relationship,” she taunted. “so, did you sleep
with him?”

Josie stood her ground, her voice steady. “Arnold and I have never crossed that line. As she locked
eyes with Ivy, a realization dawned on her. “You were aware of the close connection between Arnold
and me, which is why you sent those photos to Dexter, pretending they came from Arnold.”

Ivy sneered, neither confirming nor denying Josie’s accusation. A sense of indifference seemned to
wash over her. “You fooled me, keeping me under your control all this time!”

A subtle tremor passed through Ivy’s body, her gaze wandering as if lost in distant memories, “The first
time I laid eyes on Dexter was at an airport overseas. I had lost my luggage during the check-in
process, and I was in despair, unable to speak Spanish or receive proper assistance. That’s when he
appeared and offered his help

“I’m not lying. I had no idea about his high status and identity then. Yet, I was attracted to him. It was
love at first sight, Ivy confessed, her voice tinged with nostalgia and bitterness.

“We were only together briefly, but he lifted me out of despair, giving me a glimpse of a better life,
teaching me elegance and grace.”

“I knew I didn’t deserve someone like him, but I couldn’t help but hope. And then, within just a couple of
days, he offered me the position of his special assistant. These past few years by his side have felt like
a dream, fulfilling beyond words.”

“But… he was heartless… He discovered my feelings for him and fired me.” Ivy showed no hint of
remorse. She slowly lowered herself to a squatting position, her voice wavering with a chilling tone. “He
was unbelievably heartless…”

As Josie observed her, Ivy had manifested signs of obsession with Dexter.

Josie’s words were blunt, yet they hit the mark with unwavering truth. “You knew from the start he
wouldn’t have feelings for you…”

Tears streamed down Ivy’s face uncontrollably, smudging her makeup into a messy blur.

“You’re right. But why? I’m an exceptional woman. Why doesn’t he like me? Josie, it’s all because of
you. Everything is because of you!”

Despite facing Ivy’s frenzied screaming, Josie remained composed. She spoke slowly, deliberately.
“You can’t hold onto someone like him.”

Ivy glared at her.

Josie continued, “I can’t hold onto him either.”

“As his special assistant, you should know that women would flock to him with his status and
attractiveness. Don’t you know that he could easily date multiple girlfriends simultaneously?”

Ivy momentarily contemplated Josie’s words before letting out a cold, disdainful laugh. “Are you trying

lecture me? How presumptuous of you. Just because you’re Mrs. Russell, you think you’re above
everyone else and your life is secure. Dexter understands what goes in your mind. Even if you hold the
title of his wife, it won’t guarantee you any special treatment.”

Blood trickled from Josie’s mouth as she trembled with fear and anger. “At least I’m the rightful Mrs.
Russell. Dexter still acknowledges me as his wife. We have no prenuptial agreement, so if we divorce, I
have a claim to his assets. But what about you?”

Aware of Ivy’s plan and hoping to buy some time, Josie attempted to distract her.

Ivy tightly clenched the hemp rope, causing her fingertips to turn white.

“Ivy, just think about it. You’ve got credentials from the Russell Group that can take you places. Why

for this crumbling place and waste your youth? There’s still time for you to change your mind.”

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