That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 340

It’s His Freedom

Josie asked, despite knowing the truth. “Why were you at the hospital?”

Dexter did not release his grip.

Irritated, she had no choice but to continue. “Was I in the way of your date with your fling and bugging

Dexter ignored her words and exposed her. “There’s nothing to be afraid of if you didn’t do anything
wrong. Where were you the past few days?”

“The hotel, the company, the hospital, the mundane nine-to-five.” She refused to tell the truth.

He grabbed and forced her to face him. He looked at her furiously. “You know what happens if you lie to
me, Josie.”

The woman could only hold his stare and spat word by word, “Aren’t you already aware? I was taking
care of Arnold. Do you really need me to spell it out?”

She felt his grip on her tighten as if he wanted to choke the man. “Who told you to do it?!”

“Who gives you the right to question my actions? I didn’t even question you anything about you and
her.” Josie threw caution to the wind as though she was unafraid of the repercussions. “I told you
before, I’ll show you I can be Mrs. Carter.”

He stared at her momentarily before releasing her with a scornful laugh. “Didn’t you see it today at the
hospital? Summer is the one Arnold likes.”

“Is that so? I didn’t notice it. She deliberately changed the attention to the topic. “And here I was,
thinking. that she likes you. She keeps throwing herself at you. You don’t need to be such a

His expression became listless. “Why? Are you hoping that I will get together with her?”

“It’s your freedom, whoever you choose to be with. I have no say in it.”

As she turned away, the words left her mouth without her thinking.

Isn’t it always this way? He hadn’t treated me with respect before.

She spoke up after a moment of silence. I’m well aware of my position. We both have things we need.
You don’t need to be considerate of me. I know my place.”

She was not the best at maintaining relationships, whether personal or business.

Their relationship had always been him giving her orders and her obeying. She did not have the choice

say no.

Josie poured a glass of warm water to sip. She said after finishing it. “But don’t forget to notify me
when. she succeeds. I know the rules. You don’t need to worry, Mr. Russell”

There was no response. She turned around, confused.

Without her noticing. Dexter was seated in the chair with his eyes closed.

He must have been exhausted. With a hand propping his head, he seemed uncomfortable in the small
seat. The sharp look he usually had was nowhere to be seen.

Josie bent down. Without thinking, she brushed her pale finger on his face, from the eyebrows to the
mouth and further south.

Dexter was attractive. It was not surprising that women would pursue him relentlessly. But she
wondered. what they would think if they knew about the man’s difficult temperament.

His overbearing nature was to the extreme. There was more pain than joy when she was with him.

Josie took a deep breath as her finger stopped at the base of his neck. She placed her palm against it
and tightened her grip ever so slightly.

Dexter Russell. A well-known man in Wavery. People respected him, feared him, hated him. One word.
from him could destroy a person’s future.

Such a man was sleeping before her, defenseless.

For a moment, her mind was blank. She did not care about the consequences.

‘BANG! A loud noise came from the next room as someone broke something.

Josie jolted at the sound.

Dexter’s large eyes were staring straight at her when she turned back.

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